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A Framework for Starting the Internet of Things Conversation

As we move beyond the hype stage for the Internet of Things (IoT), and start working with different businesses to identify and plan for real top line growth, there is a clear need to ground the conversations in the concrete and understandable. I’ll start the process by asking if they’ve ever heard of the “Internet […]

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Real change happens along a continuum that stretches from The Big Idea to Real Results, and people / organizations that want to make real change happen need to understand the different elements along the way.


The ability to imagine what is possible (aka Vision)


As goods, services, & even data becomes commoditized, effective and engaging design becomes a competitive differentiator


Sooner or later, you have to be able to translate your hand-waving to something that actually works!


Results derive from making something happen – quickly, effectively, sustainably

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When Will the Internet of Things Get On Your Radar Screen?
Science, with some elements of Inspiration
September 15, 2014

This is the season when many companies review their Strategic Plans for the coming years. For a diversified manufacturer, it is a pretty intense process – up to 50 separate sessions, 80+ presenters, almost 500MB of detail (ok, I’ll admit there were a few videos in there …) in the past week. I’m not complaining […]

Recommended reading for the week …
September 11, 2014

A semi-recurring feature – items that I think are worth your time. Sourced from a variety of places around the ‘net – I’ll try to give credit for the recommendations where it is due. Some of these are older, some quite recent – I’ve got a backlog of interesting stuff to share. As always – […]

Getting Real with the Internet of Things
Inspiration, with some elements of Science
September 8, 2014

The hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) is amazing – yet there are still plenty of folks that have not heard of this term. Most will show a flash of recognition when I talk about fitness trackers, or smart locomotives and other images from Cisco and GE ads. But for a large number of […]

The SMB Business Case for Cloud
Execution, with some elements of Inspiration
August 25, 2014

Cloud is another one of those buzzwords that lots of people have heard about, and not everyone fully understands. I have been asked by GMs/MDs and leaders of small- to medium-sized businesses about the possibilities with cloud – but to be fair, their interest is primarily in the cost reductions so breathlessly promised by press […]

Change Your Definition of Success for Breakthrough Results
Execution, with some elements of Art
August 18, 2014

When most people talk about projects they are working on, the common definition of Success can be summarized with one simple word … Done The lawn is mowed. The dishes are clean. The clothes are put away. I’ve read the book. I’ve written the book report. … seems to work around the house … Done. […]