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Run to the Toughest Problems

Hey, let’s start the Next Big Project! Well, I don’t know … with every Big Project*, you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen; something Bad** … * You know what I mean by “Big Project” – one of those highly visible, big budget affairs that will end up changing a lot of people’s […]

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Real change happens along a continuum that stretches from The Big Idea to Real Results, and people / organizations that want to make real change happen need to understand the different elements along the way.


The ability to imagine what is possible (aka Vision)


As goods, services, & even data becomes commoditized, effective and engaging design becomes a competitive differentiator


Sooner or later, you have to be able to translate your hand-waving to something that actually works!


Results derive from making something happen – quickly, effectively, sustainably

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3D Printing Requires Wildly Different Thinking
Science, with some elements of Inspiration
July 27, 2015

I’ve been writing a lot this year about Smart, Connected Products – aka the Internet of Things (IoT) – but there is another transformative technology change that has my attention. Additive Manufacturing – aka 3D Printing (3DP) – promises to be almost as disruptive as IoT, but in different ways. More to come in the […]

Dialing for Dollars – How IT can Generate Sales Fast
Execution, with some elements of Art
July 20, 2015

In your company, I’ll bet there is a single, unifying goal that all can agree on: Sell more Stuff! Grow the top line! Yes yes yes, I know that smart companies are focused on profitable sales, and I’m sure that your corporate strategy is some combination of People, Process, and Profit** – but I’m talking […]

Recommended reading for the week (3D Printing edition) …
July 17, 2015

A semi-recurring feature – this time, focusing on Additive Manufacturing, aka: 3D Printing. Sourced from a variety of places around the ‘net – I’ll try to give credit for the recommendations where it is due. Some of these are older, some quite recent – I’ve got a backlog of interesting stuff to share. As always […]

IoT Field Notes: Who are you Disrupting?
Science, with some elements of Execution
July 13, 2015

Much has been written of the power of the Internet of Things to introduce disruption into established industries – and this is often where the conversation will go (when introducing the idea of slapping sensors on mature machines). But are you really digging into the breadth and depths of this potential disruption? Consider these examples, […]

IoT Field Notes: Unsolvable Problems and the Search for Answers
Science, with some elements of Inspiration
February 12, 2015

One of the more interesting conversations I’ve had in the Industrial Internet of Things space was on the topic of sensors – in particularly hostile environments, collecting particularly difficult information. A theoretical* example might be the need to measure operating performance for a particular type of pipe joint, used to join dissimilar materials in a […]