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IoT Field Notes: Solving Interesting Tech Challenges

As we start these projects, the focus is not all strategy, markets, and business cases. We eventually get to the tech stuff – and have already hit a few things that start off as puzzles and end up as interesting insights, decisions to reduce complexity, and/or necessary evils. An example of the first type – […]

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Real change happens along a continuum that stretches from The Big Idea to Real Results, and people / organizations that want to make real change happen need to understand the different elements along the way.


The ability to imagine what is possible (aka Vision)


As goods, services, & even data becomes commoditized, effective and engaging design becomes a competitive differentiator


Sooner or later, you have to be able to translate your hand-waving to something that actually works!


Results derive from making something happen – quickly, effectively, sustainably

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IoT Field Notes: The Cloud is a Fog Right Now
Execution, with some elements of Science
December 16, 2014

Predictably, folks want to talk about the techie fun stuff when the Internet of Things comes up; there is palpable excitement around the possibility of really getting to use that Cloud thing that everyone is talking about. However, people that have a passing familiarity with any form of system implementation, software development or database design […]

IoT Field Notes: How do People Start?
Execution, with some elements of Science
December 12, 2014

When introducing the idea of “information as a product or service”, it’s fascinating to see how different companies want to start. I don’t mean start the conversation – that part of the process seems to take care of itself. I will send emails and engage in phone & hallway conversations to gauge initial interest; when […]

IoT Field Notes: Introducing Something New
Execution, with some elements of Science
December 8, 2014

For the past few months I have been introducing the idea of information as a product or service (ie. the Internet of Things) to a number of our business units (BUs). It is a high-energy endeavor; there are plenty of marketing and product development folks out there thinking along these lines, and it’s great making […]

One for Practice
Execution, with some elements of Science
November 24, 2014

Have you ever been in this situation? A large project was looming, and the Powers That Be want to dive in head first. This recent and very large acquisition (30% of our size when we bought it) needed to be integrated into our supply chain and distribution network; the customers were demanding it, and we […]

Recommended reading for the week …
November 20, 2014

A semi-recurring feature – items that I think are worth your time. Sourced from a variety of places around the ‘net – I’ll try to give credit for the recommendations where it is due. Some of these are older, some quite recent – I’ve got a backlog of interesting stuff to share. As always – […]