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I’ve been writing for some time now, and I’ve received many requests for reposts, more information, and links to old posts – as well as a “best of” page, to quickly find the articles that have generated the most conversation. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to automatically generate something like that – rank by pageviews? Inbound links? reTweets? No clear answer.

Instead, I’ve crafted a short list of what I consider my best stuff – my own opinion, plus the articles that have generated the most buzz. And, to make it easier to browse around all of this old stuff, the sections below let you peruse by Category, plus check out the Tags used on all of the post – the size of the tags in the list varies based on the frequency of use.

Got any suggestions for additions (or deletions)? Any other questions, comments, or requests for more information? Let me know …

Best of …

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Inspiration Art Science Execution
Business Value of IT (32)
Collaboration (20)
Digital Strategy (14)
Knowledge Management (30)
Out of the Box (28)
Purposeful Innovation (60)
Social Networks (12)
Technology (8)
Communication (61)
Design (19)
Diversity (6)
Presentations (9)
Productivity (9)
Visualization (13)
Web 2.0 (25)
3D Printing (1)
Application Development (22)
Documentation (15)
ERP (8)
Hands-On (55)
Internet of Things (27)
Master Data (6)
Metrics (6)
Mobility (6)
Open Source (7)
Project Management (38)
Requirements (9)
Social Media (13)
Supply Chain (6)
Training (5)
Career Management (3)
Change Management (55)
Development (15)
IT Finance (6)
IT Management (24)
IT Operations (9)
M&A (6)
PMO (8)
People Management (23)
Sales & Marketing (6)
Tech Management (35)
Vendor Management (13)

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I’ve been aggressively tagging all the content, so wandering through the cloud below may also uncover some hidden gems …