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My Favorite Paradox

Entropy (again), the great oxymoron/paradox of our universe ... constant change.

I like the concept because it's simple yet confusing, short/terse, and powerful (actively, passively, and conceptually). I think I picked this up from my Thermodynamics professor - an anti-Hesburgh Hindu at Notre Dame (love those tight loops).

There is a link to my current adventure here; I've noticed that when one is new to a situation / project / organization, there is a fleeting wish for "retroactive impact". One's mind drifts (during the orientation and getting-up-to-speed phase) to thoughts like wow, if only I was here a few years ago, when they made that decision, it could be So Different Now ...

Relax - that's what everyone thinks, that's what I always think in a new gig. Patience ... in a few years, you'll have had the opportunity to take part in a number of design decisions, and make your fair share of Change ... and if you implement poorly and/or don't document, the next poor Sap will inevitably feel the same way ... (Constant).

There is a flip side to this - and it's key for change agents to realize. Those "problems" that many folks feel are chronic? Take this opportunity to look at them with fresh eyes, with an open mind towards tried and new ideas / solutions / options.

A related topic - excellent post this week at things magazine about Rephotography - comparing before and after pictures (particularly cityscapes), especially when the before is far in the past. Those two samples came from Canada (awesome site, BTW), here's a collection from New York, and a nice site/project by Atget. This stuff makes you appreciate the history of places and things; neat stuff, helpful in staying grounded re: what's relevant and important (constant) while the surroundings change.