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Need to watch my terminology

I find myself referring to manufacturing plants as "stores" - I've just left a rollout to a bunch of retail stores / branches / locations, and had been immersed in that terminology for many months. So, when I go to meetings these days, and start referring to what folks are doing "in the stores", I get quizzical looks.

I had the same problem earlier this year - we designed a data entry "wrapper" to streamline the setup of a new customer. We focused on the overall process (as opposed to optimizing separate menu items / tasks); we slashed something like 75% of the total effort / keystrokes / screens etc - pretty nice stuff. I just kept referring to the process as "moving someone in" - harkening back to my original postion with the property management software developer.

I catch myself all the time, using words or concepts that have a certain meaning to me - I accept that fact that I have to explain myself at times, just comes with the territory. (see also this and this)