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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Powerpoint

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There's a lot of blog traffic these days on Powerpoint and good presentation practices. This topic pops up every once in a while, and I've been noticing some new blogs, some resurgent older ones, and lots of interesting opinions.

Two new ones of note:

Presentation Zen: by Garr Reynolds, has a different approach, well at least of late - he is reviewing / talking about different presentation "methods" / styles. Some of this stuff is worth reviewing - especially if you are working to get visibility / buy-in, trying to rise above the clutter of standard corporate presentations.

Death to Bad Powerpoint: yet another site that laments the lack of style in most PPTs, but this one has had some good posts, including a pointer to a terrific 10 Commandments article, which is the best simple list of critical things you must / must not do - my favorite is "avoid reading your slides", something that really drives me up a wall. He's also citing a 2003 article that places a cost on time spent in meetings.

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