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My first month with the Blackberry Pearl

( thanks to Dave Taylor for the post idea )

I’m just finishing up my first month with my second Blackberry; well, actually my third, but the first two were the same type, the classic 7200 series. I appreciated the access to email, calendar, and contact information, but I didn’t like the way the integrated cell phone worked – the shape of the device was just not comfortable as a phone. Never had much success with Bluetooth headsets either – poor qualityconnections and folks said I was hard to hear.

So, I struggled along with two devices – a Motorola v600 phone with a couple of my favorite numbers keyed into it, and a big ‘ol 7200 where I checked email every once in a while. I finally got sick of carrying around two devices, and when the chance came, I moved my “legacy” cell phone number onto a new Blackberry Pearl. What a difference!

There have been a few negatives, some caveats for the prospective Pearl user:

I suppose my biggest fear is that I’ll lose it or break it – it’s solid but slight. Still – I don’t miss the old devices, and I’m definitely more mobile than I was.