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Corporate Web 2.0 is Spreading - Here comes the Blog

Sharepoint is starting to take hold at work, and that will take us a few steps farther down the collaboration path. There is a promise of enterprise search in the reasonably near-term future, but newly available tools include blogs and wikis (of a sort). I am psyched - this is in general a good thing, but I'm finding some issues, some bumps - I think Microsoft tools have their own unique spin on things.

The biggest challenge with Sharepoint is thinking through the access rights for a given page / site. It doesn't integrate as expected with AD, but we do have the ability (as site owners) to define and maintain our own groups. Even if I want my first few sites to be open to all, I need to know that going in - so I don't just accept the default and inherit rights from the parent site.

The blog engine within Sharepoint appears to work fairly well - I set up a couple, not by choice, but as part of the access rights learning curve. Made my first post (OMG Ponies - I'm betting few will know will get the joke) and checked out the RSS feed. I'm not sure what "voice" I will use, but it will be somewhere between the fast-twitch Twitter postings (my ongoing experiment, in the box at the upper right) and the mini-essays I usually write here.

The wiki engine gives me pause - I'm going to have to think about that one. A nice (typical .Net) WYSIWIG editor is provided, but it's not clear how we might convert from our existing wiki. I've messed with Dokuwiki, Tiddlywiki, and MediaWiki, and although the syntax / markup is slightly different, all wiki software follows a certain architectural style - save for MS and Sharepoint. I was hoping to hack together a converter a la Confluence, but the jury is still out.

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