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New Twitter features starting to make things more relevant

Here's a new plugin for Firefox that's helpful for my use of Twitter - twitterbar. Yes, there's a number of plugins designed to integrate Twitter with Firefox, but this one seems to work fine. Note that it works better now that I've upgraded to Firefox 2.0 - always a good idea to keep up with your software upgrades.

Also, the good folks at Twitter have completed some nice updates to their mobile site - here's how it looks in my Blackberry browser ...

Click on the picture for a full-size image!

These are the kind of incremental improvements that applications go through until they settle into that comfortable niche of relevant, soon to become in use daily. I will admit I am forcing myself to enter "tweets", but that's because I now see them as adjuncts to my CV page; I'm taking them off of this blog - not sure if they are useful here - but if someone is looking to understand what I'm working on Right Now, that's the place to look.

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