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Fighting over Amber Boxes

I’m standing at the white board, leading a technical disagreement discussion about a particular data conversion component in a macro environment of sensors and data, hardware and software. This type of discussion pops up many times during the introduction and incorporation of innovations; we are debating definitions and abstract concepts, technical specifics, data volumes, vendor […]

IOT Field Notes: Three Distinct Flavors

As I work with internal BUs and product lines, and connect externally with hardware, software, and services vendors, I get the sense that people are enrolling in three distinct schools of thought when thinking and talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s impact on their business. It very much helps the conversation when […]

Two Simple Methods for Communicating your Big Idea

Distilling your big idea into a relatively terse but impactful statement can be a subtly difficult task – best not to overthink the words and overcomplicate the meaning. There are alternative ways to capture your “elevator pitch” and get folks to quickly understand where you are going (and actively support you in the process); here […]

Run to the Toughest Problems

Hey, let’s start the Next Big Project! Well, I don’t know … with every Big Project*, you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen; something Bad** … * You know what I mean by “Big Project” – one of those highly visible, big budget affairs that will end up changing a lot of people’s […]

A Framework for Starting the Internet of Things Conversation

As we move beyond the hype stage for the Internet of Things (IoT), and start working with different businesses to identify and plan for real top line growth, there is a clear need to ground the conversations in the concrete and understandable. I’ll start the process by asking if they’ve ever heard of the “Internet […]

Change Your Definition of Success for Breakthrough Results

When most people talk about projects they are working on, the common definition of Success can be summarized with one simple word … Done … The lawn is mowed. The dishes are clean. The clothes are put away. I’ve read the book. I’ve written the book report. … seems to work around the house … […]

Run to the Bad News

For many dyed-in-the-wool professionals, management presentations for projects are quick – and thankfully so. Yes, brevity can be a good thing, since a shortened time frame will focus the conversation on the small number of key updates and decisions to be taken. More likely, meeting times are trimmed as busy attendees are thinking ahead to […]

Successful Projects Start with Good Discussions

How often does this ten-minute conversation happen … Problem – DefinedSolution – TheorizedOwner – Identified Expectations – SetProject – Go! If we’re talking about a small amount of effort – perfect; I’m a great fan of focused action in manageable amounts. The challenge often comes when the Problem – Defined part goes too quickly – people may assume […]

Opportunity within End-Of-Year Performance Reviews

I’m working this holiday week to get the majority of the written work completed for my 2013 Performance Reviews; I realize it’s something that folks do not enjoy doing, but I see it as an incredibly important effort. I like to think my organization and I are doing a fairly good job of communicating on […]

Marketing and IT Get Together: The Elephants in the Room

Disclaimer: I am (possibly unfairly) generalizing about two general classes of Business Professionals (Marketing and IT). Please don’t get offended; step back a bit and see the elements of truth in my silly little tale. True story: I was at a dual conference, where members of special-interest-groups from IT and Marketing met at the same […]