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The Subtle Power of Design: Making Something Happen

Design has been a recurring theme for me lately – in writing and in conversation – and I keep seeing opportunities for applying Design Thinking to different types of work … Implementing new systems and supporting process change Managing simple and complex projects Collaborating and sharing knowledge Building user interfaces Creating effective presentations Targeting strategic […]

The Subtle Power of Design: An Introduction

A few weeks ago, I wrote about creating value – one in a series of posts on the Internet of Things. The feedback was great, but some of the more interesting reactions were focused on the illustration – something I built a few months ago, when I needed to convey a large amount of meaning […]

IoT Field Notes – Whiteboard Wireframing

I’ve written about the Lean Startup methodology, and talk a lot about it internally and externally. It has proven valuable many times, as a way for a business unit to slowly, gently get into the IoT game; building MVP-style Proof of Concept mobile apps, web pages, and machine learning models to help illustrate our product […]

Dialing for Dollars – How IT can Generate Sales Fast

In your company, I’ll bet there is a single, unifying goal that all can agree on: Sell more Stuff! Grow the top line! Yes yes yes, I know that smart companies are focused on profitable sales, and I’m sure that your corporate strategy is some combination of People, Process, and Profit** – but I’m talking […]

Can Enterprise IT borrow from Lean Startup Thinking?

The enterprise shift to “consumerization” is more than just the desire to use my iPhone and upset my work-life balance. It’s something akin to instant gratification – people have ideas about how information can augment, automate, and transform how they transact business, connect with customers, and comprehend the activity that surrounds them. But we want […]

PacMan at MoMA – Interaction Design

One of the benefits of ditching cable and going to internet streaming TV is that I’m watching more TED talks for a mental stretch break. True, I’m missing half of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but I catch stuff like this from Paola Antonelli, on bringing video games to New York’s Museum of Modern Art … […]

Tilt-Shift / Timelapse Artistry

Another great example of tilt-shift / time-lapse film making – thanks to Photojojo and It’s Nice That … I like the helicopter rescue at about 1:20, a mini-flashback to a previous video from this guy … … which was featured on the Guggenheim site (what a great site to wander through for inspiration!) Take a […]

Designing for Devices

My last entry on design for a bit – just some thoughts on the added complexity when designing applications for multiple client devices. Fast Changing Device Landscape The “last mile” of user/computer interaction has seen a number of exciting innovations over the past year or so. Phones are getting physically smaller, yet have bulked up […]

Interface Design Skills for Coders (and vice-versa)

Like a technical peanut butter cup – two great skill sets that go great together. What really happens when artists and coders mash things up? Intuitive Interactions: Are application developers adept at effective design? I think, as a group, no – witness all of the effort put forth to wrap “user friendly screens” in front […]

Design Thinking and Process – Practical Examples (2 of 2)

So, design thinking can have a positive impact on how you do what you do, and it may very well be hidden inside, waiting to get out. Ok, you are intrigued, you might even believe you can release the designer in you. Where to next? How to get started? Practical Expressions of “Good Design” Like […]