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A Simple Pattern to Drive Quality for Projects and Processes

I like to think I’m getting smarter as I get older – at least, I hope that I’m learning from my experiences. But my multiple to-do lists and notepads give away my secret – it’s not just what you remember, it’s how you remember it. Review / Do / Learn A typical approach is to […]

Beware the Lure of Process Automation

When I see folks working hard at a repetitive task, using technology tools like spreadsheets, databases, and other “productivity” tools in a less-than-optimal way, I like to call them out as not being lazy enough. That always gets their attention – it’s a bit counter-intuitive, as they masterfully fly over the keyboard to tweak the […]

Four tools to bridge from Raw Productivity to Sustainable Results

I’ve noticed a definite trend in the “best practices” wing of the Productivity building; it goes by many names and takes on a few different forms, but the idea is rooted in a few simple concepts: Focus on the Critical Few: Multitasking does not work – plan for doing three things per day, and allocate your time […]

Hidden Gold in Automating Recurring Processes

Here’s a typical IT scenario: each quarter, you need to check audit user access to a critical application. Your internal security standards require that you revoke access for those who haven’t been on the system for over 90 days. I’ve seen this before, and the process (at the time) had many challenges: It’s manual; we […]

Catching up on Mind Mapping; collaborative tools and some “market research”

I’ve written about mind-mapping before – definitely a fan of the concept, I’ve used it for project tracking, organizing threads for blog topics, and even planning major multi-project initiatives. Here’s a quick catch-up on some links I’ve been seeing over the past few weeks … From Vinson, a link to Keldsen’s latest podcast on mind […]

To print or not to print? Depends on the life span of the content …

I’ve been (correctly) picked off as having an electronic preference for communications. Please don’t hand me a printout – send an ecopy of that document, PowerPoint, project plan, whatever. PDF is ok, but original format preferred. Why do I like to gather information in an e-sorta way? Paper stacks up on my desk, fills up […]

Quiet-time is not down-time; can developer-brain translate into business benefit?

It’s been a while since I posted, and although I might claim that my silly season has begun, it’s not entirely accurate. As I have alluded to before, I have been making some major technology strides while simplifying my admin tasks (trying to avoid web content like this) and laying the groundwork for other projects. […]

Writing like a fiend

It may not look like I’m blogging here all that religiously, but I am writing like a fiend these days. It’s a productivity habit I picked up last year; I keep journals of most/all conversations and meetings during the business day, sort of like a blog for myself. This began a few years ago, as […]

Coaching for the day – some basic time management skills

Most folks will tell you they are woefully short on resources, with way too many requests / tasks / todos coming their way. It’s seems to be a tough thing for folks to Just Say No to all the ad hoc requests that come their way. Same thing goes for the mythical “written requirements” for […]