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Tracking in the Enterprise – Correlation versus Causation

We’ve got the activity captured, and now we have “effectiveness” ratings for the people in the group – how will we put them together and see a relationship? Mechanically, this is a simple XY scatter graph – a standard chart type in both Excel and Google Docs. Let’s take a look at a sample data […]

Tracking in the Enterprise – Comparing Results for Multiple Systems and Groups

For our back-of-the-napkin experiment in tracking the useful value produced by enterprise systems – our next step will move away from the technical tools for a bit, and take a look at results. Specifically, we want to understand who is “delivering the goods” – and some sense of their success relative to others. At first, […]

Tracking in the Enterprise – Logging Utilization Simply and Consistently

We’re trying use metrics to visualize the correlation between system use and business results – any system, regardless of the platform / technology – and we’d like to draw the same picture of input vs. results for any system. I’m stealing some inspiration from Tufte here – let’s keep the story simple, clean, and consistent, […]

Seven Links in the Data Value Chain

The more I work with our business units to understand data – what we need to run the business, what we can see about our value chain, what we can gather about our trading relationships – the more I see a multi-layered ecosystem of skills and experience required to truly get all the pieces right. […]

Learning About Data Visualization

Even though there is an art to visualization design, it stands to reason that this is a skill that can be taught / learned. I remember going to campus visits with my daughter, and hearing about a textbook considered to be a timeless classic – teaching students how to draw. What a concept – I […]

Art and Science of Data Visualization (Part 2)

Just a little more theory and background on Data Visualization, to eat up the rest of your weekend. Unlike the McCandless video, this video will take some time investment – but well worth it, if you want to charge your batteries on this topic. (via Flowing Data) From earlier this year, Martin Wattenberg gives a […]

Art and Science of Data Visualization

“Data Visualization” has been an extremely active and popular topic for a few years – we can use Google’s Timeline search feature to see the growth in interest since 1980: That local high in July of this year was due in no small part to David McCandless’ Information is Beautiful talk at TED this past […]

Data Visualization: How (2 of 2)

Previously … creating opportunities for insight … The short answer, as you know, is that it’s impossible to tell you how to be insightful and imaginative in a single blog post. All I can do is point you in the general direction, and (hopefully) ignite a little spark. What’s the Goal? and, Where to Begin? […]

Data Visualization: Why (1 of 2)

Between business requests and breathless vendors, I am getting caught up in the growing tide of interest in “data visualizations” – managers requesting highly interactive, highly graphical, highly intuitive analytics interfaces (think Minority Report). But what are we trying to accomplish here? We keep on hearing about “executive dashboards”, a heads-up display of in-my-face KPIs, […]

Inspiration, Images, Insight, Imitation, Innovation

Just a quick post on this pre-holiday weekend, with my design-leaning kids out of school / back from college for the holidays, and a general sense of creativity mixed in with the holiday spirit. Inspiration … … can come from many places. Nothing new there, but I like to get inspiration for X from looking […]