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Impressive Networking Success Metrics for a Current Job Search

No, not mine! When talking with folks searching for their next job, I always stress “old-school” networking – face-to-face conversations to get that next introduction, leverage the other person’s network, generate leads on positions, or introductions to more folks that might be able to help. I am definitely a fan, I know it’s a powerful […]

Why are those Old Programmers so slow in picking up on the Intarweb?

A significant difference between us old-line IT coders and the new graduates is the variety of our platforms and tools. I’m not talking about the large number of languages and tools learned over the course of a career – we all have a healthy collection of certifications and acronyms peppering the bottoms of our resumes. […]

Stop Thinking, Start Doing – Else Your Career/Skills/Network Will Fade Away …

Hugh Pickens posted an interesting comment on Slashdot last week … pulling ideas out of an excellent NY Times article … “I have a DVD remote control with 52 buttons on it, and every one of them is there because some engineer along the line knew how to use that button and believed I would […]