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‘Three Types’ Revisited – Shades of Grey that Matter

There is a flaw in my simplistic story of the Three IT Archetypes – if/when someone points it out, I will openly admit it, but would also insist on a follow-up conversation. Strictly peer-to-peer [regardless of title], one part technique and one part philosophy – and preferably over a suitable beverage. The problem is the […]

Ambulance Chasing and System Proliferation

Here’s a modest proposal – how to fight the ever-growing list of legacy applications, spreadsheets, reports, customizations, and processes that no one knows how to maintain, but nobody seems to want to get rid of? Where Do These Things Come From? Often they are the brainchild of a Driven, Capable Leader that has a particular […]

Managing IT: Three Archetypes

I’ll tell you about this visualization from a recent internal conversation, but I may end up aggravating some career IT people out there. Yes, I have massively oversimplified things – but I’m trying to develop a broader understanding, and I think it’s a good first step. The original question was “How do I manage IT?”, […]

Talking about CyberSecurity with the Board of Directors

No, I have not done this a hundred times; I’ve only done it once so far, but it went fairly well, so I thought I might capture some notes on prepping for the conversation that many boards are being told they should be having. Don’t Put this Off Minimally, you should be prepping for the […]

SQDC for Enterprise IT – Cost, Next Steps (3 of 3)

Cost At once the most and least understood, the Cost section is what everybody focuses on (specifically: cost reduction!) but also what controls our ability to do more project and support work with the resources in Enterprise IT. The sample graph show 13 months – we are including Dec 2012 just to get a decent […]

SQDC for Enterprise IT – Quality, Delivery (2 of 3)

Second in a series of posts on presenting a summarized view of Corporate IT using SQDC-style KPIs; in this post, I’ll explain the metrics we use to express Quality and Delivery. Quality I’ve seen a range of KPIs in the Quality column on different manufacturing plants’ SQDC boards, but nothing as consistent as the Safety […]

SQDC for Enterprise IT – Introduction, Safety (1 of 3)

For the last few months at our Executive Staff Meeting, I’ve been presenting a summarized view of what is happening in IT – and stealing ideas from the many Daily Management boards that I’ve seen during my visits to the plants. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on the SQDC graphics that I’m using; […]

IT Strategy for the Fast Twitch Crowd

This evening (Monday, 11 Feb 2013) , I did a presentation on Developing IT Strategy in a “Consumer IT” Environment – an expansion on some of the ideas that I have written about previously. I’ve posted my slides here – I realize that they do not “stand on their own”, and need some explanation, but if you weren’t in […]

Developing an IT Strategy: Approach

Previously: Timing The new year approaches, and most IT groups aspire to start out with a completed IT Budget, derived from a well thought out set of short-term Objectives, that align with an IT Strategy – that itself aligns with the overall Corporate Strategy. If your timing is a bit off, and you haven’t established […]

Developing an IT Strategy: Timing

In some companies, IT struggles to find a voice amid the other functional areas of the business – Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing, even Human Resources. “Business Alignment”, a regular item on lists of Top 5 IT Concerns each year, pops up because (I believe) it’s difficult to glibly draw a line connecting IT systems […]