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The SMB Business Case for Cloud

Cloud is another one of those buzzwords that lots of people have heard about, and not everyone fully understands. I have been asked by GMs/MDs and leaders of small- to medium-sized businesses about the possibilities with cloud – but to be fair, their interest is primarily in the cost reductions so breathlessly promised by press […]

Beware the Lure of Process Automation

When I see folks working hard at a repetitive task, using technology tools like spreadsheets, databases, and other “productivity” tools in a less-than-optimal way, I like to call them out as not being lazy enough. That always gets their attention – it’s a bit counter-intuitive, as they masterfully fly over the keyboard to tweak the […]

On the Road: Business Travel, Fall 2008

I don’t travel a significant amount in my current position, but when I do, it seems to come in chunks. I’m about half way through a round of travel this fall – mostly business, but with some personal travel mixed in. Six cities, three countries in less than four months. Some observations at the halfway […]

iTunes Upgrade Freeze Resolved – and an Enterprise KM Observation

As many of you know, one downside of a career in IT is that we get pressed into [unpaid] service as tech support for the family’s troubles with technology. My college-bound daughter has purchased her MacBook, and will soon find out (to her dismay) I have little hands-on experience with that platform. However, for many […]

Desperately Needed Features for eMail Clients/Servers

Via Knowledge Jolt, here’s an article from KM world with some interesting statistics about folks engaged in enterprise search – but it was a tangential quote from the author that caught my eye. When asking corporate knowledge workers about using public Internet search engines, she found that … … although only 2 percent [of corporate […]

Power Outage Follow Up – Observations

A couple of hours after my

Thoughts During a Power Outage

I am sitting in the cube outside my office, connected by wireless to our corporate network in an otherwise darkened office. The power is out – started around 3AM, and it is apparently affecting a large area, not just this building. Kudos to the infrastructure team that strung up the wireless access points here – […]

To print or not to print? Depends on the life span of the content …

I’ve been (correctly) picked off as having an electronic preference for communications. Please don’t hand me a printout – send an ecopy of that document, PowerPoint, project plan, whatever. PDF is ok, but original format preferred. Why do I like to gather information in an e-sorta way? Paper stacks up on my desk, fills up […]

Coaching for the day – some basic time management skills

Most folks will tell you they are woefully short on resources, with way too many requests / tasks / todos coming their way. It’s seems to be a tough thing for folks to Just Say No to all the ad hoc requests that come their way. Same thing goes for the mythical “written requirements” for […]