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Digital Strategy and Your Team – Talent and Engagement

So far, we have talked about the “obviously” Digital components of your Great Digital Strategy – systems and processes that support internal Operations, bring us closer to our Customers, and change the nature of our Products. We also talked about that critical connective tissue – Data – and the skills required to extract information to […]

“Remember, Scrooge, Time is Short …

… and suddenly you’re not there any more.” – The Ghost of Christmas Present, enjoying a memento mori moment A repeating theme in my feed reader has been the drive to “work different”; clunky grammar aside, we need to change the way we communicate and collaborate, increase our focus on innovation, and spend less time […]

Opportunity within End-Of-Year Performance Reviews

I’m working this holiday week to get the majority of the written work completed for my 2013 Performance Reviews; I realize it’s something that folks do not enjoy doing, but I see it as an incredibly important effort. I like to think my organization and I are doing a fairly good job of communicating on […]

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Where does Innovation come from?

Like most organizations, we are talking a lot internally about Innovation – the Great Ideas that will transform the company and deliver top-line revenue and high-value earnings growth. The trick, of course, if figuring out how to make that Innovation happen – as if you could plan it out in advance, on schedule to make […]

Four tools to bridge from Raw Productivity to Sustainable Results

I’ve noticed a definite trend in the “best practices” wing of the Productivity building; it goes by many names and takes on a few different forms, but the idea is rooted in a few simple concepts: Focus on the Critical Few: Multitasking does not work – plan for doing three things per day, and allocate your time […]

Idle Time is a Good Thing for IT

Lots of good conversations recently about managing IT, Finance, and other constrained resources for projects. We have implemented tools to model available time; when trying to understand what new work can get added to the pile, it helps immeasurably when you understand how much time you have available, plus what else has been committed. This […]

What Really Motivates Us? Insights for your Tech Team

Over the last month or so, a large number of authors in my RSS reader called attention to Dan Pink’s ‘Drive’ video … Props to Cool Infographics (home of the Caffeine Poster!) with the post that introduced me to the video. Key insight from Randy Krum: is this a video? A well done presentation? Or […]

Managing Change: Knowing, Understanding, Empathizing

Do you know your job, or do you really understand your job? One difficult part of change is getting people to see the difference. Of course, this is seriously delicate stuff – you can’t just walk in and ask people if they understand what they are doing. You know you’d be insulted if someone asked […]

Sample Interview Questions for MS Project

I still get interesting, unsolicited pings from the meebo widget on my blog site. I’ve got a Pidgin plugin that connects to meebo, so when it says I’m available, I am definitely at the keyboard, hacking away at something – and usually able to answer the quick message. Still, sometimes I’m amazed at the depth […]

More On Executives (are Smarter than You Think; the 5 Biggest Misconceptions)

A recent post got a surprising amount of feedback – at least, different feedback than my other stuff. No flames, just folks agreeing with the ideas and wanting to engage in more direct conversation (phone calls, as opposed to blog comments or email – interesting …) I’ve noted that people like to second-guess and/or heap […]