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Digital Strategy and Customer Relationships: Big Value in Tight Connections

In my previous post on the Five Core Components of a Great Digital Strategy, I talk about the data, process, and systems that drive internal operations. Quite possibly the most boring part of a digital strategy – decidedly unsexy, been around for ages, the electronic epitome of drudgery and toil. But now, we think about […]

Dialing for Dollars – How IT can Generate Sales Fast

In your company, I’ll bet there is a single, unifying goal that all can agree on: Sell more Stuff! Grow the top line! Yes yes yes, I know that smart companies are focused on profitable sales, and I’m sure that your corporate strategy is some combination of People, Process, and Profit** – but I’m talking […]

IoT Field Notes: Muddled Marketing Messages

Another form of “field work” I have to do involves wading through the “excitement” around this topic that fills my browser, inbox, voicemail, and calendar. My baseline observation is predictable – it feels like more hype than substance. As happened with Big Data and Cloud in the recent past, many existing technologies and areas of […]

IoT Field Notes: Size of the Prize

When talking with a Business Unit about contributing to earnings with “Information as a Product or Service”, the fun part of the conversation is getting into the specifics. Where exactly are we going to make money here – and how much? What is the Size of the Prize? Well, maybe more fun for me than […]

Marketing and IT Get Together: The Elephants in the Room

Disclaimer: I am (possibly unfairly) generalizing about two general classes of Business Professionals (Marketing and IT). Please don’t get offended; step back a bit and see the elements of truth in my silly little tale. True story: I was at a dual conference, where members of special-interest-groups from IT and Marketing met at the same […]

Structured Process Improvement for Unstructured Processes

Have you ever waded into a process improvement project that had trouble finding a place to start? Consider, for example, a strategic sales team (for RevCo, famous maker of Widgets), working their established product families to generate breakout new customers and revenues. They’ve implemented a CRM system, but are having problems getting adoption and seeing […]