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Shadow IT is Digital Business Trying to Break Free

Decentralized IT is a growing trend – pushing decision making and investments closer to the customer. This can be a powerful change when done well, as different areas of the business bring innovative, high-value products and services to market. The counter, however, is that this leads to duplication and fragmentation for little benefit; IT is […]

You’re a Digital Business Already – Start Acting Like It

I’m not sure if the term Digital Business is just a buzzword, or truly an insightful take on reality. But I am sure that many businesses are digital already; it’s sometimes called “shadow IT”, but if you really open your eyes, it’s out in the open, for all to see: Finance: With their complex spreadsheets […]

More Thoughts on Why Techs Don’t Like Documentation

A few years ago, I was interviewing candidates for a systems analyst job, and trotted out one of my standard questions: “Tell me something you have done that you are proud of”. This particular developer called out her source code annotations (comments), and was rather specific about her own comment quality standards. But when I […]

Why Bother Documenting My Solutions?

Interesting line of conversation around an internal Help Desk project … “What exactly is the point of my help desk ticketing system?”, posits the hardy IT Tech. “I, like so many other IT technicians, am expected to solve end-user problems quickly with my infinite knowledge of every potential PC / software combination, not to mention […]

You Can’t Ignore This Any Longer

Cloud and open source have been around for some time – long enough for the term “cloud” to [finally] fade away as a differentiator (it’s just assumed!). Still, some continue to dismiss these technologies for their corporate solutions – but it’s getting tougher to just ignore this stuff … Scale? Cloud provider Amazon continues to […]

Bootstrap Market Research: Records Retention for Industrial Manufacturers

[Records Retention refers to] the practice of maintaining records for an organization from the time they are created to the time of their disposal. (source: Wikipedia) That last bit is the tricky part; every day at most corporations eMails, spreadsheets, and presentations (collectively: “stuff”) are created, shared, and printed – along with all of the […]

Failing Faster

Here is a simple question to ask yourself: do I insist on solving problems myself? A noble goal, until it takes too long to get the answer. Why don’t we fail fast enough to ask the question to someone who knows? Remember, we pay a ton of money for annual maintenance to our enterprise software […]

Would you like me to google that for you?

Got some rare Re–Tweets today on a techie insult – so snappy, I had to write a post to use it for a title! Deep in the problem analysis and debugging process, the typical IT hack experiences counter-balancing pressures that impact decision making – Capable Independence vs. Speed to Value. Capable Independence is just fancy-talk […]

Agile Methods in a Waterfall World: Speaking In Code

Starting up a new project, and I’m definitely having fun with it. At first glance, it looks like a fairly small, departmental application, but it is actually part of a web of disconnected processes and local databases (ie. “a mess”) that support some fairly important master data. Also, the folks I’m working with are much […]

Best Practices for Process Documentation: Iterations (2 of 3)

Last time, I wrote about checklists, and showed the example of the B-17 preflight. Simple, fits on a single page, and hits all the critical steps, in just the right amount of detail. Plenty of processes in the IT department are made That Much Better if they are accompanied by detailed, effective Process Documentation. Of […]