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The SMB Business Case for Cloud

Cloud is another one of those buzzwords that lots of people have heard about, and not everyone fully understands. I have been asked by GMs/MDs and leaders of small- to medium-sized businesses about the possibilities with cloud – but to be fair, their interest is primarily in the cost reductions so breathlessly promised by press […]

Who is Using the System? Tracking in the Enterprise

For years, web sites have been measured – and valued – by user traffic. Who is looking at this site? When are they coming, and how long are they staying? Driven by the advertising business model that values “impressions”, web analytics have evolved in a number of ways; the interest has shifted from Passive to […]

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How May I Help You? Four Ways IT Can Deliver Value

Classic lament of IT – I just want get involved, be part of the conversation – I want a seat at the table. Classic lament of everyone else – How can IT deliver value to the business? It sounds like two people reaching for each other – but in the dark. They want to connect, […]

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How to be Taken Seriously as a Business Partner

Part of my job consists of working with General Managers & Managing Directors, talking about process and technology projects, and how we might leverage internal and external resources. I am no longer surprised that external consulting groups get more of the interesting and exciting projects – internal IT is often challenged by a lack of […]

IT Strategy for the Fast Twitch Crowd

This evening (Monday, 11 Feb 2013) , I did a presentation on Developing IT Strategy in a “Consumer IT” Environment – an expansion on some of the ideas that I have written about previously. I’ve posted my slides here – I realize that they do not “stand on their own”, and need some explanation, but if you weren’t in […]

Reading for Understanding – Business

You are only as good as what you know, and half of what you know comes from books Truth be told, it’s not an original thought – I heard it many years ago, but it rang true for me personally. I still have many of my old college textbooks – engineering volumes bound in impressive […]

Developing an IT Strategy: Approach

Previously: Timing The new year approaches, and most IT groups aspire to start out with a completed IT Budget, derived from a well thought out set of short-term Objectives, that align with an IT Strategy – that itself aligns with the overall Corporate Strategy. If your timing is a bit off, and you haven’t established […]

Developing an IT Strategy: Timing

In some companies, IT struggles to find a voice amid the other functional areas of the business – Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing, even Human Resources. “Business Alignment”, a regular item on lists of Top 5 IT Concerns each year, pops up because (I believe) it’s difficult to glibly draw a line connecting IT systems […]

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Coffee Shop IT

Ron Tolido recently used the metaphor of a local Starbucks invasion and the impact on the local coffee shop, comparing it to the introduction of PaaS services such as Amazon Web Services. I like to use the coffee shop metaphor for corporate IT, to illustrate the need for design, usability, sustainability, rigor – and operating […]

The Hegemony of Large Numbers – Ignoring Common Sense

Ok, maybe I’m stretching the meaning there, but that’s a cool sounding title, and what I see as an interesting phenomenon. People get excited about Large Numbers, and think they have meaning and importance simply because they are Large Numbers. Big Errors For example – years ago, when an application manager was whirling around the […]