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Capturing Knowledge, and Making in ‘Findable’ (2 of 4)

Previously, I talked about the critical importance of capturing knowledge, and capturing it effectively. Let’s assume, for now, that the organization has bought off on the idea that capturing this information is worth doing – and, that they are doing it well. Let’s also assume that all of our content is stashed on a reasonably […]

A “New” Critical Requirement for Business Projects (Part 1 of 4)

As we continue the deep dive into questions like “how do I get information required to run my business?”, we inevitably get to training – more specifically, training on … … the business / functional domain, and [your company’s] self-image and self-awareness in that domain (who we are, and how we talk) … process & […]

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A Hierarchy of Information Requirements

It’s a common problem statement – ‘I don’t have enough information to (run my business unit, manage this process, identify opportunities, etc.)’. The solution designer, when faced with a question like this, starts with a little detective work; the problem is too broadly stated.

Technical Debt and the Cost/Benefit of Knowledge Retention

A rather rigorous, Financial-sounding title for a high-concept line of thought … Thanks to Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror, for calling my attention to this article by Martin Fowler on Technical Debt: Technical Debt is a wonderful metaphor developed by Ward Cunningham to help us think about this problem. In this metaphor, doing things the quick […]

KM Overcomplicates: Heisenberg Impact on a VBA Quickie

Got a simple request from one of the folks in Operations; we’re sending out Excel spreadsheets for some quick data gathering, might we do a little basic input validation before they send in garbage that needs to be scrubbed? This person is very sharp, knows a decent bit about what is possible, and this is […]

Best Practices for Process Documentation: Use Cases (3 of 3)

I’ve been writing about iterative documentation and checklists, and it’s easy to see how these are applicable to a number of common IT processes … Build a server Apply OS patches Move new code into production Initiate a project / programming request Unfortunately, there are plenty of other areas in IT that you think should […]

Best Practices for Process Documentation: Checklists (1 of 3)

I’ve written before about process documentation and the need for checklists – especially for repeatable and complex processes that you may not perform every single day. A written process solves a multitude of issues: Security: For complex processes with integrated platforms, a detailed list keeps you from forgetting key settings, switches, and process steps that […]

Enterprise 2.1: Exiting the Trough of Disillusionment

“What will you do with that car if you actually catch it?” — what the cat asked the dog (from the Chicago Reader, circa 1989) So you’ve gone all “Enterprise 2.0”, spinning up a wiki, a blog, and a SharePoint or Drupal server inside your firewall. Now what happens? The groundswell of interest in “cool […]

iTunes Upgrade Freeze Resolved – and an Enterprise KM Observation

As many of you know, one downside of a career in IT is that we get pressed into [unpaid] service as tech support for the family’s troubles with technology. My college-bound daughter has purchased her MacBook, and will soon find out (to her dismay) I have little hands-on experience with that platform. However, for many […]

Desperately Needed Features for eMail Clients/Servers

Via Knowledge Jolt, here’s an article from KM world with some interesting statistics about folks engaged in enterprise search – but it was a tangential quote from the author that caught my eye. When asking corporate knowledge workers about using public Internet search engines, she found that … … although only 2 percent [of corporate […]