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Conflict is a Canary for Change

Are you intimidated by, or afraid of, conflict in your organization? Maybe it’s just a signal that something else is going on. Recently, I got into a discussion on the best response to conflict in the workplace – what should the people on the team do? What should a good leader do? The nature of […]

So What Exactly Are You Disrupting?

It’s a topical term (disrupt everything) thanks to Clayton Christensen’s excellent work – and the thousands of pundits seizing on the marquee examples (newspapers dying! music unleashed! pointless gas stations!) to keep it top-of-mind. But for most of us, the meaningful conversation (where meaningful means what are you gonna do to me?*) is how we […]

My Ghost in the Machine, a Particular Shade (of Grey)

This story dates back to my college days, and I use it to illustrate the idea that IT people are not entirely comfortable with other functional areas of the business – and the “shades of grey” that mysteriously guide the thinking and actions of Sales & Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Upper Management (especially when those […]

The One-Sided Journal Entry

“That could be fixed in the system”, I said to the weary auditor, “with a one-sided journal entry”. Her brow furrowed slightly. “A what?” “A one-sided journal entry. You know, add a debit amount to one account without crediting another.” Her frown deepened. “I don’t understand”. “Well”, I said, “this system normally doesn’t allow a […]

Ten Bucks in Ten Minutes

I really do like networking events – group meetings with other with other IT professionals, discussing topics of common interest, with a reasonable amount of vendor / consultant-sponsored gentle selling, and/or some solid job networking with fellow techs looking for their next successful step along the career path. However, I  admit to a wee bit […]

Tilt-Shift / Timelapse Artistry

Another great example of tilt-shift / time-lapse film making – thanks to Photojojo and It’s Nice That … I like the helicopter rescue at about 1:20, a mini-flashback to a previous video from this guy … … which was featured on the Guggenheim site (what a great site to wander through for inspiration!) Take a […]

I Hate the Business

Hmm, not quite … how about I Hate “the Business” More specifically – I really am getting uncomfortable with the whole “IT and the Business” meme: … demonstrating IT alignment with the business … IT’s relationship with the business … IT and the business need to work together / build partnerships … the Project is […]

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Change and the Crop Duster

Drive south through the state of Indiana on I-65, and before you hit Indianapolis you will come across an impressively large array of wind turbines, the new vertical symbols of energy self-reliance and innovation. I remember not so long ago, when this section of the road was just miles of cornfields, as far as the […]

Twitter and the First Amendment

Apparently, 2011 is the year when Twitter, Facebook, and smartphone videos are graduating from Social Networking toys to evolutionary, revolutionary Sociology tools. Can they be controlled by governments or big business? It’s been argued that any such controls might run afoul of Amendment No. 1 from our Bill of Rights … how amazing for a […]

Market Driven Data Quality (Data Darwinism)

Just trying a little contrarian thought this week … Have you ever noticed how much time and energy goes in to data validation? I think it stems from visual forms development and the wide variety of clever data entry controls that are available – everyone wants to write an app that gets the oooo, cool! […]