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Impressive Networking Success Metrics for a Current Job Search

No, not mine! When talking with folks searching for their next job, I always stress “old-school” networking – face-to-face conversations to get that next introduction, leverage the other person’s network, generate leads on positions, or introductions to more folks that might be able to help. I am definitely a fan, I know it’s a powerful […]

Google+ is Active, not Passive, Social Networking

This past week saw the introduction of Google+, the search behemoth’s entry into the social networking fray. A slew of posts, articles, opinion pieces, etc. were sure to flow – and as I settled down with some time and a backlog of links to review, here are my initial thoughts on the service. Do I […]

Twitter and the First Amendment

Apparently, 2011 is the year when Twitter, Facebook, and smartphone videos are graduating from Social Networking toys to evolutionary, revolutionary Sociology tools. Can they be controlled by governments or big business? It’s been argued that any such controls might run afoul of Amendment No. 1 from our Bill of Rights … how amazing for a […]

eMail is Dead, Long Live Social Networking: Don’t Get Left Behind

via Fred Wilson – a stunning slide from Morgan Stanley’s recent Internet Trends report: The primary topic of the report is the growth and future prospects of the mobile internet – reason enough read through all 87 slides. However, I am slightly amazed by the fact that eMail runs second to the relatively new phenomenon […]

Underwhelming experiences with Google Wave

Took some time today to work with the new communication meme – Google Wave. I wouldn’t call it a fundamentally new way to communicate – well, not yet. I think Google is safe to continue with a “preview” label – clearly not even “beta” yet. No horrible bugs – at least on the Windows platform […]

Introducing … Google Wave

Thank you for signing up to give us early feedback on Google Wave. We’re happy to give you access to Google Wave and are enlisting your help to improve the product. To accept your invitation, sign into Google Wave at the following link … Well, maybe not the most exciting email I’ve received over the […]

Business Benefits of Social Networks Exist, but …

When I see / read articles like this, or hear the breathless claims of vendors, pundits, and True Believers, I’ll privately chuckle to myself. All of this stuff – social networking, collaboration, and innovation – are 21st century takes on good old Knowledge Management (KM), circa 1998. Do these sound like presentations from your recent […]

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Anthropology of LinkedIn Answers: Five Days of Posts

I have seven RSS feeds from LinkedIn Answers in my blogroll for a few months now. I’ll answer a question every once in a while, haven’t posted one yet, maybe some day. As I scan these questions, I can see this social network exhibiting multiple personalities, interesting patterns. So this week, I let my blog […]

My Networking CV (or, What’s In It For Me?)

As social networking sites proliferate and mature, we’re all learning how to use these interesting new resources. True, it is just a modern take on “professional networking” – purposeful connections with different special interest groups, to share ideas and lay the foundation for current or future “opportunities”. I’m involved with a couple of organizations like […]

LinkedIn Networking Generates Some Hits; Thoughts on Facebook

A quick note about LinkedIn, the social networking site for business professionals; I’ve been a member / participant for over a year, but definitely not an aggressive link-seeker. For example, I am protective of my personal database of contacts – some of whom I am quite sure would not appreciate having their email address submitted […]