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Another 90 Day Sprint

… and now the work really begins … For the second time since starting this site, I’ve made a change and taken on a new position. This time was a bit more structured, using the learning process from The First 90 Days, by Michael Watkins. I had read the book before, so the ideas weren’t […]

Gartner Symposium 2010

Last week, I was able to attend this annual Gartner event – something akin to SAPPHIRE, the SAP uber-users group meeting, without the vendor specific rah-rah. An interesting event – 7400 attendees, over four days. A typical conference – multiple sessions along major tracks, and I bounced between sessions dealing with these issues: Master Data […]

Third Time’s the Charm? Blackberry Bold

I recently had to part ways with my Blackberry Pearl – some heartache, I suppose, but time and product innovation march on. There is a lot to like about the Blackberry Bold – I am definitely happy to have made the change … <aside> … although my inner conspiracy theorist sees a case of planned […]

Home Development Workstation – Part 3

See also … Home Development Workstation – Part 1 Home Development Workstation – Part 2 Ok, here’s where we put the rest of these boxes, switches, wires, and other assorted doo dads in their place. Again, the witty reader will note that I am following along with Jeff Atwood’s Build a PC posts from last […]

Home Development Workstation – Part 2

See also … Home Development Workstation – Part 1 If You Build It … For starters, I give major props to Jeff Atwood’s series on building a PC, because the step-by-step assembly notes, and the overriding “calm down, it’s like Legos!” tone … all very comforting. I tend to be a “ready, fire, aim” kinda […]

Home Development Workstation – Part 1

Why I think that every techie should go through the experience of building up a desktop workstation from the ground level. Maybe it’s because I date back to the days of the PC XT, when computer support duties regularly had us tearing down cases, changing jumper settings and plugging in individual chips for memory expansions. […]

BigDog: Impressive Robotics

I don’t often post YouTube videos, but this one elicited a “wow” … I’ve only dabbled in AI-type programming, but I can appreciate the amount of computation that’s going on in real time here. The Big Dog recovers nicely from a hard shove at about 0:40, but that’s nothing compared to scrabbling on the ice […]

Interesting RFID Applications

RFID is a challenging bit of Supply Chain technology – depending on your industry. Capital goods manufacturers see a relatively inexpensive solution for accurate asset tracking, while producers of commodity goods see additional costs that are challenging to justify. Many are taking a wait-and-see approach, trusting that the price-per-chip will continue to fall and the […]