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Enterprise Resource Planning: SAP, Oracle, QAD, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Infor, MAPICS, BPIC … a host of vendors, a collection of technology, a series of nameplates – all dedicated to that foundation, run-the-business software.

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Digital Strategy and Internal Operations: Treasure in the Foundation

In my previous post I talked broadly about the Five Core Components of a Great Digital Strategy. Now it’s time to get a bit more specific, starting in an area that some think mundane; internal operations (woo hoo!) and the foundational system that drives it all – your ERP. Heads up, now! Don’t think of […]

ERP Reference Calls, and my Top 3 Points to Ponder

I still get pulled into conversations about ERP; there are plenty of businesses out there, of varying sizes, that can benefit from the structured process and transactional discipline. Reference calls on behalf of the vendor are great – I’m happy to take them, primarily because most vendors are OK with letting my team be frank. […]

Notes from SAPPHIRE 09

Yesterday at work was “catch-up day” from a week at SAPPHIRE 2009, the annual user conference for SAP. As with the JDA/Manugistics conference earlier this year, there were concerns that attendance was going to be low, because so many companies are limiting travel expense. At the conference, I did hear that attendance was only was […]

Location, Location, Location: Terminology Confusion in ERP Projects

Have you ever experienced the clash of terminology that results when supply chains are brought together, due to acquisition or merger? The typical scenario: different groups using multiple terms to describe where product is manufactured at and shipped from; folks use terms like “location”, “plant”, and “site” interchangeably, and confusion can result – are we […]

I Think I’m Learning SAPanese …

Spent time at an industry conference last week (ain’t Boston great!), and heard the term SAPanese – that special language SAP users learn when immersed in worlds of Walldorf and their ubiquitous software. It’s not unique to SAP – lots of software companies develop their own vocabulary. Heck, IT “geeks” are famous for it – […]

Deja Vu: Comparing Enterprise Software to Big Pharma from the 90’s

Eric Savitz posted an interesting article (via Techmeme) reviewing a VC discussion earlier this month, on how the enterprise software business looks increasingly like big pharma. Their focus was the contemporary businesses, but one quote got me thinking: … the salient attribute of big pharma … is the plausibility of a new entrant to raise […]

Supply & Demand and Expectations for SAP talent in the US

Consider these conversations over the past few weeks: At SAPPHIRE, I spoke with many from the big Fortune 1000-type companies, on outsourcing (or “co-sourcing”, a new PC term). Lots of discussion around India; they have memorized the flight schedules, swap stories about social disparity and the caste system, and rattle off all of the cities […]

Two observations from SAPPHIRE

Many are blogging on the SAPPHIRE conference in Atlanta, I just want to add two observations from the day… SAP on the Web 2.0 Bandwagon: Striving for full buzzword compliance, SAP’s CEO spoke of incorporating ideas like wikis and blogs into their next generation of applications. They gave a quick demo of an internal expertise […]