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First Month with the Surface Pro 3

I haven’t written one of these hands-on hardware / software evaluation posts for some time – it’s not that kind of blog, really – but I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my Surface Pro 3, and this is an easy way to let many folks know the answers. Also – I am making […]

Empathy Skills for the Transformational Leader

Last weekend, I went on my first long-distance motorcycle ride. Sounds harmless – kind of like saying “last weekend, we went live on our new ERP”. And over the course of the three-day ride, I found myself thinking about the parallels as I went through a range of feelings including excitement, frustration, self-doubt, tedium, second […]

Tracking in the Enterprise – Correlation versus Causation

We’ve got the activity captured, and now we have “effectiveness” ratings for the people in the group – how will we put them together and see a relationship? Mechanically, this is a simple XY scatter graph – a standard chart type in both Excel and Google Docs. Let’s take a look at a sample data […]

Tracking in the Enterprise – Comparing Results for Multiple Systems and Groups

For our back-of-the-napkin experiment in tracking the useful value produced by enterprise systems – our next step will move away from the technical tools for a bit, and take a look at results. Specifically, we want to understand who is “delivering the goods” – and some sense of their success relative to others. At first, […]

Tracking in the Enterprise – Logging Utilization Simply and Consistently

We’re trying use metrics to visualize the correlation between system use and business results – any system, regardless of the platform / technology – and we’d like to draw the same picture of input vs. results for any system. I’m stealing some inspiration from Tufte here – let’s keep the story simple, clean, and consistent, […]

New Way of Working Part 1 – and an Interesting New Direction

Sure, I’ve been mobile for some time, but it’s late spring in Chicago, and after such a hard winter, I am trying to take better advantage of the balmy weather and these newfangled mobile devices to get work done in alternative places, using alternative methods. The work is a bit different as well; I’m taking […]

Innovating with Ideas – Real World Remixing

Three good stories from the past week – great for me, since I am hearing feedback and “remixing” for things published here on this blog. But good, because they are nice examples of people taking ideas and tweaking them to fit their particular situation: Phil saw my presentation earlier this year on IT Strategy, and […]

Pardon our Dust: Remodeling cazh1

It’s all Blogger’s fault – they announced earlier this year that the FTP method for publishing blog posts will stop by May 1. I took that as a sign – I rework the look / feel of things around here every three years or so (this is Version 4.0 of the web site, as it […]

Lost Weekend: Troubleshooting a MySQL Installation

Spurred on by Blogger’s decision to stop supporting FTP for publishing blogs, I have finally started the long process to implement a WordPress blog – hosted by myself, not WordPress.com. To be fair, I am making this longer than it necessarily needs to be, but I am continuing my efforts to maintain a comprehensive Admin […]

Hands-On Project: Offsite Strategy

When I talk about having an “offsite strategy” meeting, I’m looking to get out of the office and have some good, “strategic” conversation over a cup of coffee or a beer. Back when I worked for a software development company, we did our best design work at a hot dog stand in Des Plaines, IL; […]