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Master Data

A critical element for fully integrated ERP, well-structured and easily navigable analytics – yet an area that most companies / organizations struggle with.

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Digital Strategy and Data – The Critical Connective Tissue

In my previous posts, I’ve talked about the first three components of your Great Digital Strategy – things you would expect to be there, like systems and process used to automate Internal Operations, connect with your Customers, and provide innovative Products & Services. These may start as separate initiatives, but smart organizations create more value […]

Seven Links in the Data Value Chain

The more I work with our business units to understand data – what we need to run the business, what we can see about our value chain, what we can gather about our trading relationships – the more I see a multi-layered ecosystem of skills and experience required to truly get all the pieces right. […]

A Practical Reason for Moving Beyond Smart Part Numbers

During a process review session this week, I got involved in a terrific conversation about Smart Part Numbers. You know what I’m talking about – those cryptic SKU identifiers so popular with the folks in the warehouse, on the shop floor, in production planning. There is logic and structure to the characters and the numbers, […]

Bootstrap Market Research: Master Data Management (Results)

As previously noted, I’ve been doing a lot of discussion and data crunching around “Master Data Management” lately – so I’ve “bootstrapped” a little market research project. It’s still a work in process – responses are trickling in – but I thought I might take some time to summarize what I am hearing to date. […]

Bootstrap Market Research: Master Data Management (What, Who, How)

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about “Master Data Management” over the past few weeks – what does it mean, who does it, and what are some tools and metrics that organizations are using to reign in this important aspect of ERP and analytics systems. I started reaching out to the folks in my […]

Who owns Master Data in your company?

I’ve had to respond to this question, inside and outside of the company, in a number of different conversations over the past few days. It’s interesting, because this is one of those conversations where semantics mean a lot – what people say is just as important as what people don’t say. I only mean that […]