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Who is Using the System? Tracking in the Enterprise

For years, web sites have been measured – and valued – by user traffic. Who is looking at this site? When are they coming, and how long are they staying? Driven by the advertising business model that values “impressions”, web analytics have evolved in a number of ways; the interest has shifted from Passive to […]

The Cost of Poor Quality

No, I’m not thinking about loss of important customers or reputation – important in their own right, but harder to measure. I’m more interested in measurable and manageable metrics that can serve as valid KPIs to focus improvement efforts where they will impact the customers directly. And so was a colleague of mine, looking for […]

Where to Start? (2 of 2) Metrics & Measurements

Bullet point #1 in your executive-friendly PowerPoint about “Achieving Operational Excellence in IT” covers Process and Procedure; so how do we measure our effectiveness? I’m a big proponent of Metrics and Measurements as well – but often times the biggest challenge is where to start? Measure the Unmeasured In most organizations (especially manufacturers!), the business […]

Defining an Effective IT Metrics Framework

Had a really good conversation about metrics the other day. We’ve been discussing ways to express how our systems are performing, delivering value, and staying available – and I’d like to use the same general structure for all systems, regardless of function (transactions, integrations, analytics) or platform (Wintel, AS/400, Open Systems). For each type of […]

New blog editing tool, and some notes on measuring traffic

Saw an interesting post on Fun & Profit on a new tool and service called Zoundry. I don’t do this blog stuff for the big bucks, so I’m not necessarily going to sign up for the referral service … but I perceived an opportunity to address a couple of minor wish list items for my […]

How Fun – Timesheets

In the early part of the year, we tracked our time as a group using timesheets. We don’t use these to justify our payroll or anything, just an exercise to validate that we were properly apportioning our time across multiple demands. Also, we wanted to help explain why it takes more than one week of […]