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Field Notes: Video Conferencing for Business Conversations

This past week saw my first experience with video conference calling – something obvious to consider in these tight economic times. Some observations – I got quick feedback that my original camera position was disconcerting for the others. I had put it off to the side, which made me look “off camera”, almost in profile, […]

Third Time’s the Charm? Blackberry Bold

I recently had to part ways with my Blackberry Pearl – some heartache, I suppose, but time and product innovation march on. There is a lot to like about the Blackberry Bold – I am definitely happy to have made the change … <aside> … although my inner conspiracy theorist sees a case of planned […]

New Twitter features starting to make things more relevant

Here’s a new plugin for Firefox that’s helpful for my use of Twitter – twitterbar. Yes, there’s a number of plugins designed to integrate Twitter with Firefox, but this one seems to work fine. Note that it works better now that I’ve upgraded to Firefox 2.0 – always a good idea to keep up with […]

Lots of interesting stuff going on in IM and Presence

There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in IM and presence … I’ve written about meebo, the embedded IM client that appears when you are reading these posts directly from my web site. In the first few weeks it was up there, I got into a number of spontaneous discussions with blog readers, including one […]

Noisy little Blackberry Pearl

Dave Taylor made a comment on my previous post … … One negative that’s really bugging me … is that the Pearl puts out a LOT of RF interference. Enough that I’m really surprised it got an FCC approval to be sold, actually. Try it: have your phone near any sort of speaker system and […]

eMail on Blackberry Changes Definition of Acceptable eMail

Ever get a super-terse email that was borderline insulting / insubordinate / rude? It might be the BlackBerry effect. That little keyboard is handy, yet not as efficient as your classic typewriter-style. It’s just easier to send off a relatively terse message, sans capitals, punctuation, and lengthy prose. Here’s a typical “old school” email that […]