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Sooner or later, you have to be able to translate your hand-waving to something that actually works!

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IoT Field Notes – Whiteboard Wireframing

I’ve written about the Lean Startup methodology, and talk a lot about it internally and externally. It has proven valuable many times, as a way for a business unit to slowly, gently get into the IoT game; building MVP-style Proof of Concept mobile apps, web pages, and machine learning models to help illustrate our product […]

IoT Field Notes: The Seed Fund

As we have moved through these last few months, connecting with business units (BUs) and developing ideas around Smart, Connected Products, we’ve experimented with different ways to generate interest, explain concepts, introduce new ideas, and make real progress. One idea, put into practice late last year, has turned out to be a strong driving force; […]

3D Printing Requires Wildly Different Thinking

I’ve been writing a lot this year about Smart, Connected Products – aka the Internet of Things (IoT) – but there is another transformative technology change that has my attention. Additive Manufacturing – aka 3D Printing (3DP) – promises to be almost as disruptive as IoT, but in different ways. More to come in the […]

IoT Field Notes: Who are you Disrupting?

Much has been written of the power of the Internet of Things to introduce disruption into established industries – and this is often where the conversation will go (when introducing the idea of slapping sensors on mature machines). But are you really digging into the breadth and depths of this potential disruption? Consider these examples, […]

IoT Field Notes: Unsolvable Problems and the Search for Answers

One of the more interesting conversations I’ve had in the Industrial Internet of Things space was on the topic of sensors – in particularly hostile environments, collecting particularly difficult information. A theoretical* example might be the need to measure operating performance for a particular type of pipe joint, used to join dissimilar materials in a […]

IoT Field Notes: Muddled Marketing Messages

Another form of “field work” I have to do involves wading through the “excitement” around this topic that fills my browser, inbox, voicemail, and calendar. My baseline observation is predictable – it feels like more hype than substance. As happened with Big Data and Cloud in the recent past, many existing technologies and areas of […]

IoT Field Notes: Solving Interesting Tech Challenges 2

As previously noted, the focus of our IoT conversations is not all strategy, markets, and business cases. Each new Business Unit (BU) connection brings more anecdotes about things that start off as puzzles and end up as interesting insights, decisions to reduce complexity, and/or necessary evils. Talking with product engineers about their work in a […]

IoT Field Notes: Building a Business Case

An important component of any IoT initiative is going to be the Business Case. Getting past the “strategic imperative” and the “cool technology”, how are we going to build a reasoned case based on ROI? At my our company, we are still building a template for our business cases; as I have noted in my […]

IoT Field Notes: Size of the Prize

When talking with a Business Unit about contributing to earnings with “Information as a Product or Service”, the fun part of the conversation is getting into the specifics. Where exactly are we going to make money here – and how much? What is the Size of the Prize? Well, maybe more fun for me than […]

IoT Field Notes: Voice of the Customer

If you buy into the whole “disruptive innovation” meme as your Internet of Things inspiration, you may be tempted to go the Steve Jobs route. Hang the market research, just develop a vision that is compelling and outlandish – something that they aren’t expecting, but will love and embrace – and market share and organic […]