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One for Practice

Have you ever been in this situation? A large project was looming, and the Powers That Be want to dive in head first. This recent and very large acquisition (30% of our size when we bought it) needed to be integrated into our supply chain and distribution network; the customers were demanding it, and we […]

The Digital Project Budget: How Much?

When pitching a new digital project to your management, you want a clear line of sight to all of that value you’re going to create – hard $$ (new revenue, margin expansion, increased share), soft $$ (customer lock-in, better competitive position), and/or productivity. But too many teams fail to lay out the cost side of […]

When Asked a Simple Question, Give a Simple Answer

How much rigor does any decision really need? One clue might be to look at the number of significant digits you will be presenting. Say you are asked to present the cost impact of IT systems on a major acquisition or merger. Based on the context of the conversation – the macro-financials, the pay-back models, […]

The Contrarian Project Manager, and Other Stories

There are many project management “methodologies” – I use the term loosely, since there are different methods addressing multiple issues. But most boil down to good common sense – including the addition of a Steering Committee that acts as a change-champion, addresses issues that impact budget and schedule, and provides some depth of experience and […]

A Simple Pattern to Drive Quality for Projects and Processes

I like to think I’m getting smarter as I get older – at least, I hope that I’m learning from my experiences. But my multiple to-do lists and notepads give away my secret – it’s not just what you remember, it’s how you remember it. Review / Do / Learn A typical approach is to […]

Successful Projects Start with Good Discussions

How often does this ten-minute conversation happen … Problem – DefinedSolution – TheorizedOwner – Identified Expectations – SetProject – Go! If we’re talking about a small amount of effort – perfect; I’m a great fan of focused action in manageable amounts. The challenge often comes when the Problem – Defined part goes too quickly – people may assume […]

“Lean” meets “Demand Management” in IT – Managing the Constraints

It has been a few months since I’ve posted, but I haven’t been idle – two significant projects (aside from working very hard at the full-time job), only one of which I can talk a bit about at this time. Tomorrow (Thursday, 16 Feb 2012) , I am presenting at a conference on IT Portfolio […]

Help for the Newly Minted Project Manager

Congratulations! Due to the recent [acquisition / divestiture, market expansion / contraction, organizational realignments, other] you have been identified as a Critical Resource for this particular bit of business process change. And, to help us implement these changes, you have been named the Project Manager for this effort. So now you are a Project Manager […]

Idle Time is a Good Thing for IT

Lots of good conversations recently about managing IT, Finance, and other constrained resources for projects. We have implemented tools to model available time; when trying to understand what new work can get added to the pile, it helps immeasurably when you understand how much time you have available, plus what else has been committed. This […]

Estimating Bird-Dogging Time for Project Tasks

New year, new projects, and new adventures in getting folks to think in project management terms. I’ve written before about Calendar time vs. Effort time, but this past week we came up with a new distinction that is worthwhile to call out. When working with the business and getting folks to estimate how much time […]