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Structured Process Improvement for Unstructured Processes

Have you ever waded into a process improvement project that had trouble finding a place to start? Consider, for example, a strategic sales team (for RevCo, famous maker of Widgets), working their established product families to generate breakout new customers and revenues. They’ve implemented a CRM system, but are having problems getting adoption and seeing […]

Market Driven Data Quality (Data Darwinism)

Just trying a little contrarian thought this week … Have you ever noticed how much time and energy goes in to data validation? I think it stems from visual forms development and the wide variety of clever data entry controls that are available – everyone wants to write an app that gets the oooo, cool! […]

News for Wombats: Taming Unreasonable Requirements

I’ve heard from a couple of friends about some “classic” project requests – dilemmas they have recently faced. These unreasonable requests can be turned into something achievable and, potentially, more relevant / meaningful to the requestor, by approaching the problem from a different direction. Request for Data: the Analytics Project Classic scenario #1 arrives courtesy […]

Best Practices for Requirements Gathering Sessions

It’s been a while since I’ve led an interactive requirements session for an interactive application – but it’s kind of like riding a bike. After a few minutes, the old habits come back, and the iterative ideas and cascading creativity starts to flow. What has changed, however, is the application platform, the office environment, and […]

Do you want it good or fast? Prioritizing Time-to-Value over Requirements

I have a background in software product development, iterative “methodologies”, and the sort of fast-twitch life cycle that characterizes entrepreneurial startups, high-growing businesses, and “lean” process improvement projects. Unfortunately, this style is also favored by departmental developer wannabes, sloppy coders, and impatient Gen-Y newbies that want to apply a consumer products mentality to corporate IT. […]

Hand writing recognition – harder than colored bubbles

As I sit in meetings, I find myself thinking through “process” of what we are doing at this moment, as much as I think about what the meeting is about. Then I am writing these short notes to myself for future blog items. Good? Bad? Psychotic? It makes me wish for easier tools to convert […]

Your Outlook schedule looks like a game of Tetris

Interesting meetings, discussions from last week; as a former consulting partner once noticed, my calendar in Outlook usually looks like a game of Tetris, with back-to-back meetings, double bookings, etc. It was actually quite energizing for me last week, because the meetings were on wildly divergent topics covering lots of areas. Side note: This scheduling […]

Things for the DIY programmer to consider

Another thought-provoking post on Thinking Faster – he sounds like my business doppelganger … When considering the option to build vs. buy, or at least involve corporate IT and/or experienced developers, most folks with a business background miss some key considerations about their approach: Is robust multi-user required? Excel spreadsheets deal with this challenge rather […]

Does IT make you productive (or, are you an existentialist or a fatalist)?

Interesting article in Thinking Faster, just getting around to capturing my comments … On Requirements “The first reason that business folks don’t get what they need from IT is because they aren’t sure what they want” The fundamental challenge of capturing and managing knowledge – it’s much easier to understand something than it is to […]