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Calculating the Business Benefit of Effective Training Material (4 of 4)

In previous notes, I’ve written about the importance of training and, by extension, effective training material. It’s a common requirement in many organizations … … well, actually more of a “nice to have”, am I right? Truly effective training material is difficult to create (at least, to create material that does the job), and difficult […]

Capturing Knowledge, and Making in ‘Transferable’ (3 of 4)

We’ve talked about the importance of training material, and ways to make it “findable”. The next level of “active laziness” is to build material that doesn’t require the Subject Matter Expert’s presence to be effective. Need to train 100 people in 10 states – all within one week? You need to move past PowerPoint, and […]

Capturing Knowledge, and Making in ‘Findable’ (2 of 4)

Previously, I talked about the critical importance of capturing knowledge, and capturing it effectively. Let’s assume, for now, that the organization has bought off on the idea that capturing this information is worth doing – and, that they are doing it well. Let’s also assume that all of our content is stashed on a reasonably […]

A “New” Critical Requirement for Business Projects (Part 1 of 4)

As we continue the deep dive into questions like “how do I get information required to run my business?”, we inevitably get to training – more specifically, training on … … the business / functional domain, and [your company’s] self-image and self-awareness in that domain (who we are, and how we talk) … process & […]

Training and Learning: A Different POV

The topic was training users for an upcoming project rollout, and the debate (as always) roamed back and forth between “traditional” (classroom training, scripts & workbooks) versus “experiential”, pairing existing users with their counterparts (who are new to the system), walking through the basics (screen navigation, terminology, and step-by-step instructions for the most common required […]