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One for Practice

Have you ever been in this situation? A large project was looming, and the Powers That Be want to dive in head first. This recent and very large acquisition (30% of our size when we bought it) needed to be integrated into our supply chain and distribution network; the customers were demanding it, and we […]

When Asked a Simple Question, Give a Simple Answer

How much rigor does any decision really need? One clue might be to look at the number of significant digits you will be presenting. Say you are asked to present the cost impact of IT systems on a major acquisition or merger. Based on the context of the conversation – the macro-financials, the pay-back models, […]

Post-Acquisition Strategies in Tech Companies

Just a brief note on an interesting trend I am seeing with some of my technology partners … Virtela, an international telecom / data services provider out of Denver, CO was recently acquired by NTT, a massive ($130B) international presence. At our business review meeting last week, we were assured that NTT intends to leave […]

Leading Change: Inspiration, Art, Science, and Execution

Often, when trying to figure out how to “make things happen”, your focus switches between multiple targets. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? And How can I get the others to understand what I am doing? Real change happens along a continuum that stretches from The Big Idea to Real Results, and […]

Politically Correct Euphemisms in IT – Translated!

I recently attended a professional seminar, and noticed a propensity for politically correct euphemisms to describe life in corporate IT. This was a typical group of IT professionals, representing a variety of companies – small and large, public and private. As with most group meetings, we started with a trip around the table; quick introductions, […]

Integrated Supply Chain Benefits Go Beyond the Internal Stuff

I met Lora Cecere this evening, well-known AMR analyst for Supply Chain – a good conversation about the deeper potential for supply chain integration technology. The topic: are there bigger benefits here? Is it really only limited to optimization of your own supply chain? Don’t get trapped into thinking that the business benefit of supply […]

Under New Ownership: Projects Begin Again

Now that the sale process is winding to a close, the execs are looking anew to reopening projects started in the past and put on hold. The big one that will impact me is a datamart implementation that aggregates revenue data from all of our different business units. No surprises here – we’re talking 5 […]

Under New Ownership: Calm Before the Storm?

Nothing of import happening yet, but getting some interesting rumblings / indicators of what’s to come. Definitely all business, no fooling around. The upper management and finance groups are quickly asking “how high” whenever these guys say jump. I feel the rest of the company is blissfully unaware of the train that’s heading down the […]

Under New Ownership: First Impressions

The announcements of our new owners were interesting, based on what was said, and what was not said. Like any published material, the point of view shifts depending on who’s saying what … From the seller: ” … The sale is the final in [our] strategic refocusing …”; it’s all about the “disposal” of assets […]

Under New Ownership: It Begins

This past week, Culligan was acquired by a private equity firm. Not stunning news for me, we’ve been watching the process unfold over the past 10-12 months. Still, it is finally upon us, and I anticipate some interesting events over the coming months. Personally, it’s going an interesting process because this is my first experience […]