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Five Lessons on Social Media from an Unexpected Source

I heard a fascinating (and funny) story the other day, detailing one person’s interaction with a consumer product manufacturer and their social media outreach program. Fascinating, because as the story unfolded, I kept getting these Aha! moments of insight – validating important concepts around building and fostering communities of practice. Funny, because some of the […]

Tilt-Shift / Timelapse Artistry

Another great example of tilt-shift / time-lapse film making – thanks to Photojojo and It’s Nice That … I like the helicopter rescue at about 1:20, a mini-flashback to a previous video from this guy … … which was featured on the Guggenheim site (what a great site to wander through for inspiration!) Take a […]

I Hate the Business

Hmm, not quite … how about I Hate “the Business” More specifically – I really am getting uncomfortable with the whole “IT and the Business” meme: … demonstrating IT alignment with the business … IT’s relationship with the business … IT and the business need to work together / build partnerships … the Project is […]

Best Of …

Browsing the Archives I’ve been writing for some time now, and I’ve received many requests for reposts, more information, and links to old posts – as well as a “best of” page, to quickly find the articles that have generated the most conversation. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to automatically generate something like that […]

Learning About Data Visualization

Even though there is an art to visualization design, it stands to reason that this is a skill that can be taught / learned. I remember going to campus visits with my daughter, and hearing about a textbook considered to be a timeless classic – teaching students how to draw. What a concept – I […]

Art and Science of Data Visualization

“Data Visualization” has been an extremely active and popular topic for a few years – we can use Google’s Timeline search feature to see the growth in interest since 1980: That local high in July of this year was due in no small part to David McCandless’ Information is Beautiful talk at TED this past […]

Interface Design Skills for Coders (and vice-versa)

Like a technical peanut butter cup – two great skill sets that go great together. What really happens when artists and coders mash things up? Intuitive Interactions: Are application developers adept at effective design? I think, as a group, no – witness all of the effort put forth to wrap “user friendly screens” in front […]

Design Thinking and Process – Practical Examples (2 of 2)

So, design thinking can have a positive impact on how you do what you do, and it may very well be hidden inside, waiting to get out. Ok, you are intrigued, you might even believe you can release the designer in you. Where to next? How to get started? Practical Expressions of “Good Design” Like […]

Design and Change Management

Over my career, I have developed a few strongly-held design beliefs, and one came up in conversation recently, during a spirited discussion on minimal quality requirements for a[ny] data mart. I hold that the data copied from source to destination must be provably correct and complete with little effort. When agile-ly rolling staged deliverables into […]

It’s Design, not Decorating

A few months ago, I read Dan Pink‘s book, A Whole New Mind. Excellent stuff, with echoes in his video What Really Motivates Us? (check it out here), and it introduced me to the idea of “right mind thinking”. I’ve had a great respect for and interest in Architecture over the years, and have watched […]