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Interface Design Skills for Coders (and vice-versa)

Like a technical peanut butter cup – two great skill sets that go great together. What really happens when artists and coders mash things up? Intuitive Interactions: Are application developers adept at effective design? I think, as a group, no – witness all of the effort put forth to wrap “user friendly screens” in front […]

What Really Motivates Us? Insights for your Tech Team

Over the last month or so, a large number of authors in my RSS reader called attention to Dan Pink’s ‘Drive’ video … Props to Cool Infographics (home of the Caffeine Poster!) with the post that introduced me to the video. Key insight from Randy Krum: is this a video? A well done presentation? Or […]

Three Dimensions of the Conversation – Millennials and Web 2.0

Catching up on some old links – all related to the impact of Web 2.0, and especially the incoming Millennials, on the workplace. At internetnews, Kuchinskas has laid out a pretty good summary of concerns about the philosophy of information sharing on the public Internet – this doesn’t translate well to many corporate environments (see […]