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Fragmentation of Social Sharing Environments

Progress requires innovation, success spawns imitation, competition requires differentiation – and after 7+ years of “Web 2.0”, there are multiple sharing environments vying for our attention (and participation). Content Creation Blogging has morphed beyond it’s “personal diary” origins; Blogger, WordPress, and the various CMS platforms have moved to become a long-format publishing platforms that continue […]

Pardon our Dust: Remodeling cazh1

It’s all Blogger’s fault – they announced earlier this year that the FTP method for publishing blog posts will stop by May 1. I took that as a sign – I rework the look / feel of things around here every three years or so (this is Version 4.0 of the web site, as it […]

Notes from SAPPHIRE 09

Yesterday at work was “catch-up day” from a week at SAPPHIRE 2009, the annual user conference for SAP. As with the JDA/Manugistics conference earlier this year, there were concerns that attendance was going to be low, because so many companies are limiting travel expense. At the conference, I did hear that attendance was only was […]

Business Benefits of Social Networks Exist, but …

When I see / read articles like this, or hear the breathless claims of vendors, pundits, and True Believers, I’ll privately chuckle to myself. All of this stuff – social networking, collaboration, and innovation – are 21st century takes on good old Knowledge Management (KM), circa 1998. Do these sound like presentations from your recent […]

Enterprise 2.1: Exiting the Trough of Disillusionment

“What will you do with that car if you actually catch it?” — what the cat asked the dog (from the Chicago Reader, circa 1989) So you’ve gone all “Enterprise 2.0”, spinning up a wiki, a blog, and a SharePoint or Drupal server inside your firewall. Now what happens? The groundswell of interest in “cool […]

Opportunistic Insights from the RSS Stream

I’ve written about using RSS for internal as well as external information sources. This past week, I found a couple of interesting tidbits in my feed reader (behind the firewall) … Eyes on the Skies: It’s that time of year again; oil price volatility will continue if any big storms create problems for refineries in […]

The Right Web2.0 Tool for the Audience (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

The volume of Twitter posts popping up in my feed reader is ticking upward, a phenomenon I find interesting because of something I noted recently on LinkedIn. A few weeks ago, a new feature appeared, enabling me to report what I’m working on – Twitter for the office crowd. Always willing to try some flair, […]

No Silver Bullet for Group Collaboration over Distance?

Lots of organizations have to deal with the challenge of implementing standard work and best practices over physical distances. With sales offices, distribution centers, and manufacturing locations scattered across the country, what’s the best way to get people who know their stuff to collaborate on process improvement – and then take that knowledge back to […]

Branching Out: Writing for the FEI Blog

Yet another interesting way that the Internet has broadened my connections and collaborations … After connecting over LinkedIn and exchanging common interests via e-mail and blog post, the fine folks over at The Front End of Innovation blog asked me to do some posting there as well. They have a different posting style – shorter, […]

Success, Failure, and Insights after 12 Months of Internal Web 2.0

Different areas of our IT department are using internal blogs, wikis, and collaboration spaces, with varying degrees of participation, readership, and success. Some observations: Blogging is Easy … The blogs and wiki(s) have effectively removed the hassles of capturing and distributing information quickly. One important early decision was to not implement an editorial approval process […]