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IoT Field Notes: The Seed Fund

As we have moved through these last few months, connecting with business units (BUs) and developing ideas around Smart, Connected Products, we’ve experimented with different ways to generate interest, explain concepts, introduce new ideas, and make real progress. One idea, put into practice late last year, has turned out to be a strong driving force; […]

The Cost of Poor Quality

No, I’m not thinking about loss of important customers or reputation – important in their own right, but harder to measure. I’m more interested in measurable and manageable metrics that can serve as valid KPIs to focus improvement efforts where they will impact the customers directly. And so was a colleague of mine, looking for […]

Successful Projects Start with Good Discussions

How often does this ten-minute conversation happen … Problem – DefinedSolution – TheorizedOwner – Identified Expectations – SetProject – Go! If we’re talking about a small amount of effort – perfect; I’m a great fan of focused action in manageable amounts. The challenge often comes when the Problem – Defined part goes too quickly – people may assume […]

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Coffee Shop IT

Ron Tolido recently used the metaphor of a local Starbucks invasion and the impact on the local coffee shop, comparing it to the introduction of PaaS services such as Amazon Web Services. I like to use the coffee shop metaphor for corporate IT, to illustrate the need for design, usability, sustainability, rigor – and operating […]

Help for the Newly Minted Project Manager

Congratulations! Due to the recent [acquisition / divestiture, market expansion / contraction, organizational realignments, other] you have been identified as a Critical Resource for this particular bit of business process change. And, to help us implement these changes, you have been named the Project Manager for this effort. So now you are a Project Manager […]

Defining Business Benefits: Hard and Soft

All projects should have a clear objective, a practical plan, and an understanding of the costs and benefits to get the thing done. Easy to say, but a lot of project teams struggle to crisply and clearly define specific business benefits. One way to move the process forward would be to have a clear understanding […]

IT Budget Hacking (w$$t)

Some block-and-tackle IT management stuff for today – taking a long, hard look at the IT budget, a task that is less-than-pleasant for many. Most of my peers have already cut any and all low hanging fruit – it’s time to start thinking aggressively. Software Maintenance for the Small Stuff Most have concentrated on their […]

Technical Debt and the Cost/Benefit of Knowledge Retention

A rather rigorous, Financial-sounding title for a high-concept line of thought … Thanks to Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror, for calling my attention to this article by Martin Fowler on Technical Debt: Technical Debt is a wonderful metaphor developed by Ward Cunningham to help us think about this problem. In this metaphor, doing things the quick […]

Do you want it good or fast? Prioritizing Time-to-Value over Requirements

I have a background in software product development, iterative “methodologies”, and the sort of fast-twitch life cycle that characterizes entrepreneurial startups, high-growing businesses, and “lean” process improvement projects. Unfortunately, this style is also favored by departmental developer wannabes, sloppy coders, and impatient Gen-Y newbies that want to apply a consumer products mentality to corporate IT. […]

Measuring and Reporting IT Value (2 of 2)

My last post generated some interest, so here’s the rest of the examples. Last time, I wrote about the simplistic approach to measure and report on IT value: Is your IT group working on the right things? Are they working on the right things well? Is your IT spend comparable to industry norms? Is your […]