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Interface Design Skills for Coders (and vice-versa)

Like a technical peanut butter cup – two great skill sets that go great together. What really happens when artists and coders mash things up? Intuitive Interactions: Are application developers adept at effective design? I think, as a group, no – witness all of the effort put forth to wrap “user friendly screens” in front […]

Practical Applications of Twitter in Manufacturing?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a couple of interesting discussions about the introduction of Twitter to Manufacturing. When someone poses a question like this to me, it throws me for a minor loop, because for very basic, practical reasons, it just doesn’t seem to apply. More keyboards & data entry on the floor? […]

Finally! Relevant Applications for YouTube and Twitter in the Enterprise!

If you are involved with manufacturing these days, you’ve no doubt heard about Lean Manufacturing. I’ll not go deep into this area here, but one fascinating (for me) aspect is the thread (in some quarters) that ERP and computer systems are the enemy of Lean. On the whole, I don’t disagree – process improvement, kanbans, […]

Five Best Conversations with my Meebo (web IM) Client

Back in January, I added the Meebo client to my blog page, and over the past few months I’ve learned a lot about web chat in general … There are other clients out there, and I’ve tried a few – most recently the AIM Wimzi, which came close to unseating Meebo as my web chat […]

eMail on Blackberry Changes Definition of Acceptable eMail

Ever get a super-terse email that was borderline insulting / insubordinate / rude? It might be the BlackBerry effect. That little keyboard is handy, yet not as efficient as your classic typewriter-style. It’s just easier to send off a relatively terse message, sans capitals, punctuation, and lengthy prose. Here’s a typical “old school” email that […]

Random Thoughts from Last Week – More vendor stuff

Some random thoughts over the past few business days: Had an interesting discussion with the techs last week. The end users are complaining about “data entry speed” for their “heads down typing“. Now, the techs have worked in multiple organizations, and have a pretty strong, generic, and correct definition of what constitutes “heads down typing” […]

Back in the Swing, Jump on the Bandwagon

Yes, I definitely need to get back in the habit of posting here – can’t always blame skipped days on the crazy demands of the job – but it has been an interesting holiday season. Still, need to rededicate (no, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions) myself to the posting of the blog. Today’s […]