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Recommended reading for the week …

A semi-recurring feature – items that I think are worth your time. Sourced from a variety of places around the ‘net – I’ll try to give credit for the recommendations where it is due. Some of these are older, some quite recent – I’ve got a backlog of interesting stuff to share. As always – […]

The Digital Project Budget: How Much?

When pitching a new digital project to your management, you want a clear line of sight to all of that value you’re going to create – hard $$ (new revenue, margin expansion, increased share), soft $$ (customer lock-in, better competitive position), and/or productivity. But too many teams fail to lay out the cost side of […]

Getting Real with the Internet of Things

The hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) is amazing – yet there are still plenty of folks that have not heard of this term. Most will show a flash of recognition when I talk about fitness trackers, or smart locomotives and other images from Cisco and GE ads. But for a large number of […]

The SMB Business Case for Cloud

Cloud is another one of those buzzwords that lots of people have heard about, and not everyone fully understands. I have been asked by GMs/MDs and leaders of small- to medium-sized businesses about the possibilities with cloud – but to be fair, their interest is primarily in the cost reductions so breathlessly promised by press […]

When Asked a Simple Question, Give a Simple Answer

How much rigor does any decision really need? One clue might be to look at the number of significant digits you will be presenting. Say you are asked to present the cost impact of IT systems on a major acquisition or merger. Based on the context of the conversation – the macro-financials, the pay-back models, […]

So What Exactly Are You Disrupting?

It’s a topical term (disrupt everything) thanks to Clayton Christensen’s excellent work – and the thousands of pundits seizing on the marquee examples (newspapers dying! music unleashed! pointless gas stations!) to keep it top-of-mind. But for most of us, the meaningful conversation (where meaningful means what are you gonna do to me?*) is how we […]

Run to the Bad News

For many dyed-in-the-wool professionals, management presentations for projects are quick – and thankfully so. Yes, brevity can be a good thing, since a shortened time frame will focus the conversation on the small number of key updates and decisions to be taken. More likely, meeting times are trimmed as busy attendees are thinking ahead to […]

The Cost of Poor Quality

No, I’m not thinking about loss of important customers or reputation – important in their own right, but harder to measure. I’m more interested in measurable and manageable metrics that can serve as valid KPIs to focus improvement efforts where they will impact the customers directly. And so was a colleague of mine, looking for […]

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How to be Taken Seriously as a Business Partner

Part of my job consists of working with General Managers & Managing Directors, talking about process and technology projects, and how we might leverage internal and external resources. I am no longer surprised that external consulting groups get more of the interesting and exciting projects – internal IT is often challenged by a lack of […]

Marketing and IT Get Together: The Elephants in the Room

Disclaimer: I am (possibly unfairly) generalizing about two general classes of Business Professionals (Marketing and IT). Please don’t get offended; step back a bit and see the elements of truth in my silly little tale. True story: I was at a dual conference, where members of special-interest-groups from IT and Marketing met at the same […]