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IoT Field Notes: Seed Fund, Year 2

In the past, I have written about our internal Seed Fund and how IT is helping our business units move forward with some of their ideas around Smart, Connected Products (aka the Internet of Things). Over the last few weeks (during our annual review / budget season), I’ve had a chance to recast some of […]

IoT Field Notes: Why Should I Care?

Introducing wild new ideas takes a bit of thought. If you want to get someone’s attention on a topic that appears to come in from left field, put it in a reasonable context. Take, for example, Smart Connected Products (aka the Internet of Things, or just IoT) – a widely talked about mega-trend promising to […]

IoT Field Notes: Who are you Disrupting?

Much has been written of the power of the Internet of Things to introduce disruption into established industries – and this is often where the conversation will go (when introducing the idea of slapping sensors on mature machines). But are you really digging into the breadth and depths of this potential disruption? Consider these examples, […]

The Contrarian Truth driving Digital Business

Gartner is pushing the Digital Business idea, and I will readily admit that it sounds like the latest in buzzwords. And so does Gartner, to a point – although the presentations and general message at the 2014 Symposium had a few key elements that nicely pulled together some things I have been talking about with […]

When Will the Internet of Things Get On Your Radar Screen?

This is the season when many companies review their Strategic Plans for the coming years. For a diversified manufacturer, it is a pretty intense process – up to 50 separate sessions, 80+ presenters, almost 500MB of detail (ok, I’ll admit there were a few videos in there …) in the past week. I’m not complaining […]

Change Your Definition of Success for Breakthrough Results

When most people talk about projects they are working on, the common definition of Success can be summarized with one simple word … Done … The lawn is mowed. The dishes are clean. The clothes are put away. I’ve read the book. I’ve written the book report. … seems to work around the house … […]

‘Three Types’ Revisited – Shades of Grey that Matter

There is a flaw in my simplistic story of the Three IT Archetypes – if/when someone points it out, I will openly admit it, but would also insist on a follow-up conversation. Strictly peer-to-peer [regardless of title], one part technique and one part philosophy – and preferably over a suitable beverage. The problem is the […]

Post-Acquisition Strategies in Tech Companies

Just a brief note on an interesting trend I am seeing with some of my technology partners … Virtela, an international telecom / data services provider out of Denver, CO was recently acquired by NTT, a massive ($130B) international presence. At our business review meeting last week, we were assured that NTT intends to leave […]

Innovating with Ideas – Real World Remixing

Three good stories from the past week – great for me, since I am hearing feedback and “remixing” for things published here on this blog. But good, because they are nice examples of people taking ideas and tweaking them to fit their particular situation: Phil saw my presentation earlier this year on IT Strategy, and […]

Five Lessons on Social Media from an Unexpected Source

I heard a fascinating (and funny) story the other day, detailing one person’s interaction with a consumer product manufacturer and their social media outreach program. Fascinating, because as the story unfolded, I kept getting these Aha! moments of insight – validating important concepts around building and fostering communities of practice. Funny, because some of the […]