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The Contrarian Truth driving Digital Business

Gartner is pushing the Digital Business idea, and I will readily admit that it sounds like the latest in buzzwords. And so does Gartner, to a point – although the presentations and general message at the 2014 Symposium had a few key elements that nicely pulled together some things I have been talking about with […]

Design Thinking and Process – Practical Examples (2 of 2)

So, design thinking can have a positive impact on how you do what you do, and it may very well be hidden inside, waiting to get out. Ok, you are intrigued, you might even believe you can release the designer in you. Where to next? How to get started? Practical Expressions of “Good Design” Like […]

What Really Motivates Us? Insights for your Tech Team

Over the last month or so, a large number of authors in my RSS reader called attention to Dan Pink’s ‘Drive’ video … Props to Cool Infographics (home of the Caffeine Poster!) with the post that introduced me to the video. Key insight from Randy Krum: is this a video? A well done presentation? Or […]

CIO Mag – Decision Evolution

A couple of different riffs on this article by Davenport. A lot easier said than done – it’s still kind of difficult to design systems that truly are “intelligent”, capable of making “decisions”. There is still a lot of art, insight, etc. that is captured by the way the solution is architected / designed – […]