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Pardon our Dust: Remodeling cazh1

It’s all Blogger’s fault – they announced earlier this year that the FTP method for publishing blog posts will stop by May 1. I took that as a sign – I rework the look / feel of things around here every three years or so (this is Version 4.0 of the web site, as it […]

Lost Weekend: Troubleshooting a MySQL Installation

Spurred on by Blogger’s decision to stop supporting FTP for publishing blogs, I have finally started the long process to implement a WordPress blog – hosted by myself, not WordPress.com. To be fair, I am making this longer than it necessarily needs to be, but I am continuing my efforts to maintain a comprehensive Admin […]

Hands-On Project: Offsite Strategy

When I talk about having an “offsite strategy” meeting, I’m looking to get out of the office and have some good, “strategic” conversation over a cup of coffee or a beer. Back when I worked for a software development company, we did our best design work at a hot dog stand in Des Plaines, IL; […]

Low Tech SharePoint Hack: Project Status Indicator

I’m doing a little hacking in SharePoint that is pulling together a few ideas from the past: Keeping my tech skills sharp Knowing when to search for the answer (vs. stubbornly sticking with DIY) Communicating status tersely but effectively Apparently, I’m also trying to answer a question that is meaningful to many others, as it […]

The Innovation Generation and User Interfaces

I don’t intend for all my posts about Millennials joining the workforce to be anti-youth. There are some significantly good things this new generation can bring to established organizations – ways of thinking that foster innovation and forward-progress in how organizations use information. For example, let’s talk about user interfaces (UI). I’m not an old […]

Why are those Old Programmers so slow in picking up on the Intarweb?

A significant difference between us old-line IT coders and the new graduates is the variety of our platforms and tools. I’m not talking about the large number of languages and tools learned over the course of a career – we all have a healthy collection of certifications and acronyms peppering the bottoms of our resumes. […]

Optimizing the Wrong Part of Knowledge Management

I sat in on the report-out session from a kaizen event this week, and something occurred to me as I reviewed a ton of interesting findings in a very short time … Best Practice Self-contained deliverables are the most powerful tools for knowledge knowledge transfer you can have in your organization. I’m talking about a […]

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Innovation That Matters – Substance Over Style

This the time of year when organizations (companies, departments, and teams) review their performance from the previous year. Breathless presentations are made to upper management and/or the Board of Directors, in late December or early January. Typically, the IT department will go through their projects and talk about how many significant chunks of work got […]

PM Anti-Patterns That Increase IT Project Cycle Time

Lots of conversation at work these days about PMO, resource prioritization, and reducing cycle time for IT projects. I feel a series of posts coming on … IAPL, we launched a project to bring test discipline to our technology efforts. The team was writing standards and guidelines for test scripts, implementing integrated testing tools supplied […]

Driving to a Decision on your Projects

I’ve written about the basic project proposal (for consulting groups) or charter (for internal IT) in the past. The point of any project summary document is to tee up the what and the why, using an outline like this: Description: What are we trying to accomplish here? What is our ultimate goal? Objectives: These are […]