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Underwhelming experiences with Google Wave

Took some time today to work with the new communication meme – Google Wave. I wouldn’t call it a fundamentally new way to communicate – well, not yet. I think Google is safe to continue with a “preview” label – clearly not even “beta” yet. No horrible bugs – at least on the Windows platform […]

Failing Faster

Here is a simple question to ask yourself: do I insist on solving problems myself? A noble goal, until it takes too long to get the answer. Why don’t we fail fast enough to ask the question to someone who knows? Remember, we pay a ton of money for annual maintenance to our enterprise software […]

Would you like me to google that for you?

Got some rare Re–Tweets today on a techie insult – so snappy, I had to write a post to use it for a title! Deep in the problem analysis and debugging process, the typical IT hack experiences counter-balancing pressures that impact decision making – Capable Independence vs. Speed to Value. Capable Independence is just fancy-talk […]

Enterprise 2.1: Exiting the Trough of Disillusionment

“What will you do with that car if you actually catch it?” — what the cat asked the dog (from the Chicago Reader, circa 1989) So you’ve gone all “Enterprise 2.0”, spinning up a wiki, a blog, and a SharePoint or Drupal server inside your firewall. Now what happens? The groundswell of interest in “cool […]

IMAP Gmail Reinforcing the Drive to Web-based Productivity Applications

I’ve noted in the past that I’m trying to move to browser-based productivity tools, and Google’s recent announcement in support of IMAP access for Gmail just gave me a little shove. Historically I’m a POP3 kind of guy, preferring to download all messages from my “external” e-mail accounts to my hard drive. In retrospect, this […]