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IoT Field Notes – Whiteboard Wireframing

I’ve written about the Lean Startup methodology, and talk a lot about it internally and externally. It has proven valuable many times, as a way for a business unit to slowly, gently get into the IoT game; building MVP-style Proof of Concept mobile apps, web pages, and machine learning models to help illustrate our product […]

You’re a Digital Business Already – Start Acting Like It

I’m not sure if the term Digital Business is just a buzzword, or truly an insightful take on reality. But I am sure that many businesses are digital already; it’s sometimes called “shadow IT”, but if you really open your eyes, it’s out in the open, for all to see: Finance: With their complex spreadsheets […]

IoT Field Notes: Why Should I Care?

Introducing wild new ideas takes a bit of thought. If you want to get someone’s attention on a topic that appears to come in from left field, put it in a reasonable context. Take, for example, Smart Connected Products (aka the Internet of Things, or just IoT) – a widely talked about mega-trend promising to […]

IoT Field Notes: Muddled Marketing Messages

Another form of “field work” I have to do involves wading through the “excitement” around this topic that fills my browser, inbox, voicemail, and calendar. My baseline observation is predictable – it feels like more hype than substance. As happened with Big Data and Cloud in the recent past, many existing technologies and areas of […]

Seven Links in the Data Value Chain

The more I work with our business units to understand data – what we need to run the business, what we can see about our value chain, what we can gather about our trading relationships – the more I see a multi-layered ecosystem of skills and experience required to truly get all the pieces right. […]

Bootstrap Market Research: Records Retention for Industrial Manufacturers

[Records Retention refers to] the practice of maintaining records for an organization from the time they are created to the time of their disposal. (source: Wikipedia) That last bit is the tricky part; every day at most corporations eMails, spreadsheets, and presentations (collectively: “stuff”) are created, shared, and printed – along with all of the […]

Impressive Networking Success Metrics for a Current Job Search

No, not mine! When talking with folks searching for their next job, I always stress “old-school” networking – face-to-face conversations to get that next introduction, leverage the other person’s network, generate leads on positions, or introductions to more folks that might be able to help. I am definitely a fan, I know it’s a powerful […]

Learning About Data Visualization

Even though there is an art to visualization design, it stands to reason that this is a skill that can be taught / learned. I remember going to campus visits with my daughter, and hearing about a textbook considered to be a timeless classic – teaching students how to draw. What a concept – I […]

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A Hierarchy of Information Requirements

It’s a common problem statement – ‘I don’t have enough information to (run my business unit, manage this process, identify opportunities, etc.)’. The solution designer, when faced with a question like this, starts with a little detective work; the problem is too broadly stated.

More Amazing Social Media Statistics

A follow-on from my last post; speaking of interesting Social Media statistics … would you believe … If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 4th largest 80% of companies are using LinkedIn as their primary tool to find employees In 2009, Boston College stopped distributing e-mail addresses to incoming freshmen 80% of […]