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Tilt-Shift / Timelapse Artistry

Another great example of tilt-shift / time-lapse film making – thanks to Photojojo and It’s Nice That … I like the helicopter rescue at about 1:20, a mini-flashback to a previous video from this guy … … which was featured on the Guggenheim site (what a great site to wander through for inspiration!) Take a […]

Best Of …

Browsing the Archives I’ve been writing for some time now, and I’ve received many requests for reposts, more information, and links to old posts – as well as a “best of” page, to quickly find the articles that have generated the most conversation. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to automatically generate something like that […]

Art and Science of Data Visualization

“Data Visualization” has been an extremely active and popular topic for a few years – we can use Google’s Timeline search feature to see the growth in interest since 1980: That local high in July of this year was due in no small part to David McCandless’ Information is Beautiful talk at TED this past […]

Design Thinking and Process – Is It In You? (1 of 2)

Continuing a bit on my recent Design meme; I talk about the current relevance of design thinking, and the impact it can have on change management – but if it feels a bit foreign, how can you tell if you have it in you? Do You Think Visually? Interesting how Design always seems to have […]

It’s Design, not Decorating

A few months ago, I read Dan Pink‘s book, A Whole New Mind. Excellent stuff, with echoes in his video What Really Motivates Us? (check it out here), and it introduced me to the idea of “right mind thinking”. I’ve had a great respect for and interest in Architecture over the years, and have watched […]

The Sandpit

(via GNC, thanks for this one!) A bit of artistic inspiration; a visually stunning film, combining time-lapse and tilt-shift photography. For the intellectually and technically curious – more information here. For the artist and the observationally curious – tai chi under the freeway? Nice.

Leading Change: Inspiration, Art, Science, and Execution

Often, when trying to figure out how to “make things happen”, your focus switches between multiple targets. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? And How can I get the others to understand what I am doing? Real change happens along a continuum that stretches from The Big Idea to Real Results, and […]

Leading Change: Pick Something, and Do It Well

If you want to be successful in leading change and creating value (revenue growth (top line) or earnings growth (bottom line) ), you’ll have to find a link between your ideas and the current state of things. Your ability to demonstrate the connection between your skills & experience, the current state of “how things work”, […]

Quantifying Business Benefit of Collaboration Tools (or, What Is This Meeting Costing Me?)

This post started off as an excuse to experiment with Google Docs, and this really neat feature I discovered – embedding a spreadsheet in a web page as a sharing method. However, it struck me as a potential way to cost justify the time, effort, and expense of implementing collaboration systems with the Most Cynical […]

If I Told You a Fractal Solution, Could You Change the CEO’s Mind?

As the new year approaches, debates over the “value” of IT and business projects intensify; it’s not holiday stress, but the excitement of the approaching New [fiscal] Year. Lately, I’m hearing more about the struggle to quantify business value, especially when selecting those few projects that will “make the cut”. We will definitely iterate on […]