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The Key to Success for your Next Job Interview

I’m been clipping some interesting posts over the past few weeks, regarding interviewing techniques and hiring technical people. Rothman’s aptly named blog is always good for an insightful article at least once a week – some of the recent postings of note include: A good technical person should always be intellectually curious about how things […]

is it IS? IT?

Just a quick note on this article – way too much thinking going on. We once changed the name of an internal DP / MIS team from “CIS” or IS” to IT, primarily to signal a regime change, a philosophy change. Other than internal marketing efforts, a name is a name.

Wading into a Project In Progress

This week I had to wade into the depths of a Large Project; well, actually a component of a Large Project, that was struggling a bit to find a path through the forest. Not my first time, certainly not my last, and (believe it or not) usually a pretty good time! <aside> Ok, by “large” […]

A clash of languages over IM (bilingual? trilingual? quadlingual?)

I’ve been IM’g in a work atmosphere for over a year now, with internal and external folks, and still actively networking for tech info, support, etc. That peer group has a fairly well-defined set of etiquette, jargon, and style. In my new company, we are rolling out enterprise IM, and for most folks (including IT!), […]

Things for the DIY programmer to consider

Another thought-provoking post on Thinking Faster – he sounds like my business doppelganger … When considering the option to build vs. buy, or at least involve corporate IT and/or experienced developers, most folks with a business background miss some key considerations about their approach: Is robust multi-user required? Excel spreadsheets deal with this challenge rather […]