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Conflict is a Canary for Change

Are you intimidated by, or afraid of, conflict in your organization? Maybe it’s just a signal that something else is going on. Recently, I got into a discussion on the best response to conflict in the workplace – what should the people on the team do? What should a good leader do? The nature of […]

Quantifying Business Benefit of Collaboration Tools (or, What Is This Meeting Costing Me?)

This post started off as an excuse to experiment with Google Docs, and this really neat feature I discovered – embedding a spreadsheet in a web page as a sharing method. However, it struck me as a potential way to cost justify the time, effort, and expense of implementing collaboration systems with the Most Cynical […]

Collaboration “in the Wild”: Some Observations

An Enterprise 2.0 dream scenario: implementing a complex project across multiple sites, in two different time zones, with a large team (well over 100). The team was reasonably savvy with collaboration tools; core team members were quite comfortable with Instant Messaging, and we have been relying on SharePoint for many months. A centralized, coordinated document […]

Notes from SAPPHIRE 09

Yesterday at work was “catch-up day” from a week at SAPPHIRE 2009, the annual user conference for SAP. As with the JDA/Manugistics conference earlier this year, there were concerns that attendance was going to be low, because so many companies are limiting travel expense. At the conference, I did hear that attendance was only was […]

Politically Correct Euphemisms in IT – Translated!

I recently attended a professional seminar, and noticed a propensity for politically correct euphemisms to describe life in corporate IT. This was a typical group of IT professionals, representing a variety of companies – small and large, public and private. As with most group meetings, we started with a trip around the table; quick introductions, […]

Alternative KM Tools (2 of 3)

In my first post about alternative KM tools, I wrote about audio files, and my new productivity enhancer – the digital voice recorder. One thing I noticed when replaying these sessions and capturing the notes; since I could cue and review all parts of the conversations, I was taking more notes than I used to […]

Alternative KM Tools (1 of 3)

This will be the first in a series of posts about Knowledge Management (KM) tools that are a bit different than traditional documents, presentations, and diagrams. I’m not talking about mind mapping, wikis, and other web 2.0 tools currently in vogue; these “alternative tools” have been around for a while, but I’ve only just started […]

Do blogs fit in the enterprise? Specific examples (WIIFMs) …

Vinson points out a post from Lee, asking if blogs have a place in the enterprise. Jack’s response is interesting, diving into a better way to understand what a blog could be, and the potential for connections. Adventures In Knowledge also chimed in, with a defense of the power of connections. Good stuff, and I […]

Search as the Killer KM App, and Good Writers will Rule the World

I’ve been involved in a series of projects where good ol’ Knowledge Management (KM), that buzzword from the 90’s, is wandering it’s way back into our conscious thought. Did scope creep blow the project schedule? No, it was the death-march through the Requirements Phase Since we’re automating processes that were never documented, we have to […]

Wading into a Project In Progress

This week I had to wade into the depths of a Large Project; well, actually a component of a Large Project, that was struggling a bit to find a path through the forest. Not my first time, certainly not my last, and (believe it or not) usually a pretty good time! <aside> Ok, by “large” […]