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Tracking in the Enterprise – Correlation versus Causation

We’ve got the activity captured, and now we have “effectiveness” ratings for the people in the group – how will we put them together and see a relationship? Mechanically, this is a simple XY scatter graph – a standard chart type in both Excel and Google Docs. Let’s take a look at a sample data […]

Tracking in the Enterprise – Logging Utilization Simply and Consistently

We’re trying use metrics to visualize the correlation between system use and business results – any system, regardless of the platform / technology – and we’d like to draw the same picture of input vs. results for any system. I’m stealing some inspiration from Tufte here – let’s keep the story simple, clean, and consistent, […]

SQDC for Enterprise IT – Cost, Next Steps (3 of 3)

Cost At once the most and least understood, the Cost section is what everybody focuses on (specifically: cost reduction!) but also what controls our ability to do more project and support work with the resources in Enterprise IT. The sample graph show 13 months – we are including Dec 2012 just to get a decent […]

Data Visualization: Why (1 of 2)

Between business requests and breathless vendors, I am getting caught up in the growing tide of interest in “data visualizations” – managers requesting highly interactive, highly graphical, highly intuitive analytics interfaces (think Minority Report). But what are we trying to accomplish here? We keep on hearing about “executive dashboards”, a heads-up display of in-my-face KPIs, […]

Home Development Workstation – Part 3

See also … Home Development Workstation – Part 1 Home Development Workstation – Part 2 Ok, here’s where we put the rest of these boxes, switches, wires, and other assorted doo dads in their place. Again, the witty reader will note that I am following along with Jeff Atwood’s Build a PC posts from last […]

Home Development Workstation – Part 2

See also … Home Development Workstation – Part 1 If You Build It … For starters, I give major props to Jeff Atwood’s series on building a PC, because the step-by-step assembly notes, and the overriding “calm down, it’s like Legos!” tone … all very comforting. I tend to be a “ready, fire, aim” kinda […]

Home Development Workstation – Part 1

Why I think that every techie should go through the experience of building up a desktop workstation from the ground level. Maybe it’s because I date back to the days of the PC XT, when computer support duties regularly had us tearing down cases, changing jumper settings and plugging in individual chips for memory expansions. […]

New Twitter features starting to make things more relevant

Here’s a new plugin for Firefox that’s helpful for my use of Twitter – twitterbar. Yes, there’s a number of plugins designed to integrate Twitter with Firefox, but this one seems to work fine. Note that it works better now that I’ve upgraded to Firefox 2.0 – always a good idea to keep up with […]

Continuing Education Pareto Principle (50/30/20)

(okay, I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, just wanted to expound on the idea …) Everyone’s heard of Pareto’s wonderful 80/20 rule. I’ve identified a variant of that rule that applies to all sorts of “continuing education” – like presentations at a trade conference, or skills training for new software packages. It really […]

Build a Framework: Your chart junk is my roadmap / vision statement

I remember in the late 90’s, seeing many examples of the little train of wedgies that folks used to characterize their business processes: I’ve used them myself (some of the above samples are mine, I’m comfortable in admitting it) – of course, I typically don’t make this stuff up, I adapt from other examples, like […]