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Recommended reading for the week (Internet of Things edition) …

A semi-recurring feature – this time, focusing on my latest internal initiative re: the Internet of Things. Some items that I think are worth your time, sourced from a variety of places around the ‘net – I’ll try to give credit for the recommendations where it is due. Some of these are older, some quite […]

When Asked a Simple Question, Give a Simple Answer

How much rigor does any decision really need? One clue might be to look at the number of significant digits you will be presenting. Say you are asked to present the cost impact of IT systems on a major acquisition or merger. Based on the context of the conversation – the macro-financials, the pay-back models, […]

Run to the Bad News

For many dyed-in-the-wool professionals, management presentations for projects are quick – and thankfully so. Yes, brevity can be a good thing, since a shortened time frame will focus the conversation on the small number of key updates and decisions to be taken. More likely, meeting times are trimmed as busy attendees are thinking ahead to […]

Why Bother Documenting My Solutions?

Interesting line of conversation around an internal Help Desk project … “What exactly is the point of my help desk ticketing system?”, posits the hardy IT Tech. “I, like so many other IT technicians, am expected to solve end-user problems quickly with my infinite knowledge of every potential PC / software combination, not to mention […]

A Simple Pattern to Drive Quality for Projects and Processes

I like to think I’m getting smarter as I get older – at least, I hope that I’m learning from my experiences. But my multiple to-do lists and notepads give away my secret – it’s not just what you remember, it’s how you remember it. Review / Do / Learn A typical approach is to […]

Marketing and IT Get Together: The Elephants in the Room

Disclaimer: I am (possibly unfairly) generalizing about two general classes of Business Professionals (Marketing and IT). Please don’t get offended; step back a bit and see the elements of truth in my silly little tale. True story: I was at a dual conference, where members of special-interest-groups from IT and Marketing met at the same […]

SQDC for Enterprise IT – Quality, Delivery (2 of 3)

Second in a series of posts on presenting a summarized view of Corporate IT using SQDC-style KPIs; in this post, I’ll explain the metrics we use to express Quality and Delivery. Quality I’ve seen a range of KPIs in the Quality column on different manufacturing plants’ SQDC boards, but nothing as consistent as the Safety […]

Ten Bucks in Ten Minutes

I really do like networking events – group meetings with other with other IT professionals, discussing topics of common interest, with a reasonable amount of vendor / consultant-sponsored gentle selling, and/or some solid job networking with fellow techs looking for their next successful step along the career path. However, I  admit to a wee bit […]

Capturing Knowledge, and Making in ‘Transferable’ (3 of 4)

We’ve talked about the importance of training material, and ways to make it “findable”. The next level of “active laziness” is to build material that doesn’t require the Subject Matter Expert’s presence to be effective. Need to train 100 people in 10 states – all within one week? You need to move past PowerPoint, and […]

Business Proposals and The Lesson of Jabberwocky

When someone asks my opinion on their writing, I’ll get fairly detailed; I’ve noted in the past that there is a lot of power and influence in the written word, and it’s fairly important to get it done well, or your project proposals just never seem to get off the ground. This particular proposal suffered from […]