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IoT Field Notes: The Seed Fund

As we have moved through these last few months, connecting with business units (BUs) and developing ideas around Smart, Connected Products, we’ve experimented with different ways to generate interest, explain concepts, introduce new ideas, and make real progress. One idea, put into practice late last year, has turned out to be a strong driving force; […]

You’re a Digital Business Already – Start Acting Like It

I’m not sure if the term Digital Business is just a buzzword, or truly an insightful take on reality. But I am sure that many businesses are digital already; it’s sometimes called “shadow IT”, but if you really open your eyes, it’s out in the open, for all to see: Finance: With their complex spreadsheets […]

Conflict is a Canary for Change

Are you intimidated by, or afraid of, conflict in your organization? Maybe it’s just a signal that something else is going on. Recently, I got into a discussion on the best response to conflict in the workplace – what should the people on the team do? What should a good leader do? The nature of […]

The Contrarian Truth driving Digital Business

Gartner is pushing the Digital Business idea, and I will readily admit that it sounds like the latest in buzzwords. And so does Gartner, to a point – although the presentations and general message at the 2014 Symposium had a few key elements that nicely pulled together some things I have been talking about with […]

Recommended reading for the week …

A semi-recurring feature – items that I think are worth your time. Sourced from a variety of places around the ‘net – I’ll try to give credit for the recommendations where it is due. Some of these are older, some quite recent – I’ve got a backlog of interesting stuff to share. As always – […]

Tracking in the Enterprise – Correlation versus Causation

We’ve got the activity captured, and now we have “effectiveness” ratings for the people in the group – how will we put them together and see a relationship? Mechanically, this is a simple XY scatter graph – a standard chart type in both Excel and Google Docs. Let’s take a look at a sample data […]

You Can’t Ignore This Any Longer

Cloud and open source have been around for some time – long enough for the term “cloud” to [finally] fade away as a differentiator (it’s just assumed!). Still, some continue to dismiss these technologies for their corporate solutions – but it’s getting tougher to just ignore this stuff … Scale? Cloud provider Amazon continues to […]

I Hate the Business

Hmm, not quite … how about I Hate “the Business” More specifically – I really am getting uncomfortable with the whole “IT and the Business” meme: … demonstrating IT alignment with the business … IT’s relationship with the business … IT and the business need to work together / build partnerships … the Project is […]

Introducing Collaboration Tools? Three Required Personas for Success

When introducing collaboration tools to an organization – creating the corporate intranet, defining project sites in Sharepoint, etc. – there are multiple skills you must master – well, at least get better at. You need to capture the ideas and communicate the data such that your target reader understands what you are trying to convey […]

The Magic In the Middle

I don’t know where I first heard that phrase, or what it originally meant, but I have been using it a lot in the last few weeks … Consider the entire potential population for any new idea, process, product, or system. You can generalize everyone into three Pareto-inspired groups … Top 20% – The folks […]